Never justify yourself, because you love

Love is not explained! It happens! It grabs you from behind, suddenly, and shakes you whole. Don’t let you understand what happened to you.

Love does not choose.

It connects the incompatible. From “outside”, often incomprehensible to many!

It does not look at the complexion and skin color. It doesn’t ask about college and religious affiliation. It does not insist on a title and a bank account. It doesn’t look up and curves it nose. It is not interested in being overweight or underweight.

Love happens, and the rest is up to you.

The smartest piece of advice someone can give you is do not explain;

why do you love him, when there is no college,

why are you with her when she has a child,

why are you with a catholic / orthodox / muslim / white / black, asian…

what you see in him / her: fat / skinny / tall / short / pimpled / bald / big butt / small breasts…

Never justify yourself, because you love.

Don’t explain “why”. He who asks cannot even understand.

The worst is when you let them convince you that they are right. That you need to “measure” love. To compare. To look at who earns more, who has “more school”, who is prettier, who is prettier, whose parents are more helpful, whose they criticize more, and whose they participate.

The worst is when you start to doubt, not because of yourself, because of experience, “sixth sense”, “feeling”, but because of others.

The worst is, when you are in a relationship, there are more than two.

When you stop (or don’t try) because you listened to “advice”.

When you repent because you did not defend, what you believed with all your heart.

When you let them push you away, they shake you, they turn against each other.

Well-meaning people do not interfere in other people’s elections. In someone else’s love. And not in other people’s interruptions.

No one on the side can know, nor feel, what you two know and feel.

Your relationship is your thing. Your love is not theirs. Your quarrels and reconciliations should not be someone else’s. They should not be theirs. No one but yours.

Your relationship is lived by you, not them!

Live it by your rules, the way you think you should.

Don’t waste time on explanations. Love is not explained. It happens.

And then… then simply, live!

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