You are enough…

Now, listen to me carefully. And remember. Let this be carved into every pore of your being. 

If they say you’re too loud, do not believe them. The ones who say that do not know how to let their own voice out so they are bothered by yours. 

If they say you’re too quiet, do not believe it. That’s what they say because they cannot hear from the noise of their own distorted importance. 

If they tell you that you’re not normal because you have a different opinion from theirs, do not believe them. It mostly those who did not have an opinion, but live by what others perceive as normal. Thank them nicely, let them continue to be normal and someone else’s. And you stay “crazy” and yours. 

They say you’re too “difficult” to love, understand them. This will tell you those who are cannot love themselves, less alone you. They are cowards, persecuted by themselves. Because love is never and cannot be too difficult. If you are “difficult” to love for someone, then they never tried to love you. Because you are, enough. Trust me. You’re perfectly enough. Especially to love and be loved. Light as a feather. Yes, just the way you are. Love yourself! 

If the tell you that they do not have time, that they are tired, that they have too much work, that they are constantly in the traffic, that they do not see your calls, do not believe them one second. Accept the truth. These are excuses. You’re not in their thoughts. Have time for yourself. Because you’re worth it. 

If you hear that they wanted to shower you with attention, but they simply forgot, do not believe it. You know what a burning desire is. And you know nobody has ever forgotten their own wish. Be your own wish. You are so much more. You are the most beautiful wish in the world. 

If they yell at you for being too passionate, do not be afraid. And do not dare to extinguish your passion, because it is the fire of life. Only those who are not fire themselves will tell you this, because they fear that yours would burn them. 

Do they tell you that you are impossible because of your dreams and desires, that you live in the clouds? Do not believe them for a moment. It’s mostly those who live other people’s dreams and lives. Thank them nicely. And stay in the clouds, and leave them to continue to roll in the mud. 

They tell you that they love you so much, but. Do not fall for it. There is no but behind love. Love is just love. There is no sooner or later with love. You hear “I love you” and if you see the fear in their eyes that is not love. They love you, but you are too small, too big, open, closed, thick, skinny, happy, sad. It’s not love, it’s an excuse. This is not love, its remorse. Because they cannot love themselves, let alone you. And forgive them.

But remember! You have never been and will never be too much or too little. You are born from the breath of a superior master. And never doubt in His work. You’re all right. You are enough. One and only. Perfect. Go and love. Go and shine. Go and live. With this knowledge. Yes, you are , perfectly sufficient.

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