The relationship is destroyed by a lack of respect, not a lack of love

Relationships end for a variety of reasons. Some due to excessive jealousy, some due to excessive care, others due to disrespect, but rarely due to lack of love.

Many times we leave the ship even though we love each other, but the relationship has suffered so much abuse that there is no way to continue.

Relationships are affected by the way others treat us, whether it is good or bad.

If you treat well love will last a lifetime, if you mistreat it maybe just a few weeks.

It is interesting to compare the relationship from start to finish.

In the beginning, people are kind, polite and take care of each other.

They also leave that sense of eternity in history.

But in the first quarrel, they cruelly show that they do not respect their partner, as if they have no feelings for him.

Society often says that just loving is enough if you want to make a lasting connection. And people believed it.

And what about affection? What about respect?

It is true that people have lost respect for others and, in the heat of their feelings, are offended like someone who uses a machine gun with the intent to kill.

And they really kill.

They kill respect, love, the will to continue.

Some relationships, even if they do not lead to death, leave deep traces on people’s souls.

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