Unpleasant feelings that signal that you are on the right track…

The comfort zone is a nice place, but nothing ever grows there. This oft-quoted phrase is the point of this article. When you are happy with life, you stop growing as an individual. So when you’re experiencing uncomfortable feelings – it’s actually a sign that you’re going through a period of change.

Here are 18 such feelings that indicate you are growing as a person.

You feel like time is passing too fast
Even if you know how you can put your plans into action, you can’t help yourself – you feel that time is not on your side.

Weeks, months, and years seem to fly by, and you feel like you don’t have enough time to achieve everything you want.

Feeling intimidated by the changes
In addition to the fear of failure, when you realize that change is inevitable, you quickly become intimidated by the many things you want to change at once.

You feel like you won’t be able to process so many things at once; you think you are not able to do what needs to be done.

You feel the weight of responsibility on your shoulders
When you realize that you are responsible for your own life, you may feel heaviness. You now realize that you are the only person who can be held responsible for the life you have chosen to lead.

If you want to turn your dreams into reality, you are the person who will have to take control and make it happen.

Fear of failure
Once you are aware of your responsibility, you may begin to feel a sense of doubt; the fear that you will experience failure if you try to make your dreams come true.

This fear only grows when you come to the inevitable conclusion that you have no choice but to make a change if you want to calm the dissatisfaction that boils in your heart.

You are exhausted from the fast pace of life
The life you lead exhausts you and you are just waiting for the holidays so that you can take a break from the constant cycle of performing various duties.

You feel intolerance towards negative and evil people
You no longer have the will to associate with people whose words and deeds betray their negativity.

Now you feel a burning desire to distance yourself from them because their presence makes you unhappy.

You don’t like modern superficiality
You just can’t understand why so many people are so obsessed with their looks and the things they own.

You don’t realize the craze for designer clothes, fake complexion, cosmetic surgery, or any other superficial trap. What matters to you is the person she is, not her appearance.

You are discouraged by the direction society is heading
From your point of view, society is not moving in the right direction. You think that the modern world creates more problems than it solves, and that it is only a matter of time before things get worse.

You dream of a more beautiful, carefree future where everyone has an equal opportunity and equal wealth.

You are frustrated by someone else’s indifference
Watching in despair as society changes is frustrated by someone else’s carelessness.

You try to contribute to the fight against climate change, the spread of inequality and the growth of global instability, but it irritates you when you see how many people show little or no concern for these important issues.

You feel insignificant in space
Sometimes you feel like one tiny, unimportant piece of an infinitely complex puzzle and that your successes don’t really mean much in the big scheme of things.

You grieve for friendships that are disappearing
When it comes to friendship, the most important thing for you is a deep original connection that is not based only on a long history of knowledge.

You allow yourself to separate from those with whom you do not have that connection and your circle of friends becomes smaller and smaller. But you still have a sense of loss when you say goodbye to these people.

You want to spend more time alone
Now, more than ever, you enjoy spending time in peace so you can let go of worries and anxiety from your life and feel the freedom it provides.

You want to go to nature where you can be one with your thoughts and with yourself.

You are afraid that people will not like your change
You see that you are changing and you know that it is unstoppable now, but you are afraid that the important people in your life – your family and friends – may not understand what is happening.

You worry that they will try to resist your change or even resent you for changing.

You feel like there are a lot of parts missing
Wherever you are on your way, you can’t help yourself – you feel that there are pieces of the puzzle that are still missing or hidden.

You feel like there’s something more to come, but you still can’t see what it all involves. All you know is that what you have now and what you can see in the future is not all that exists.

You want your voice to be heard
You have a lot to say, but you are not sure how to say it.

You want to get up, to be heard, but you’re indecisive because you don’t know how other people might look at it.

You feel overwhelmed with possibilities
You see the countless potentials of your life and you can’t figure out how you’ll ever be able to choose between all of them.

With every choice you make, you feel like many other options have been eliminated and will never be realized, and this makes you worried about making the wrong decision.

You regret some things from your past
Knowing what you know now, you are not able to look back on your past and not see things that would change. You feel regret for your past behavior, how you treated others, and for being your priorities.

You feel like you have lost something of your precious life.

You are tormented by a sense of meaninglessness
From your current position in life, you can’t understand the great meaning of all this.

You often wonder if there is a goal, and at times you feel as if you are numb to the reality that exists around you.

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