When we didn’t want to stop on our own life stopped us!

When we didn’t want to stop on our own, life stopped us, stopped us and asked us where we were in such a hurry all the time, what were the things that were urgent and to which we should have subordinated everything and our health and our family and everything we have.

It stopped us for a reason!

It stopped us to remind us who we are and what our true greatness is in the world around us, it stopped us to hear its heartbeat and finally be able to breathe the air calmly.

When we didn’t want to stop ourselves life stopped us and asked why we filled our minds so much with bad thoughts, our hearts with bad feelings, our future with catastrophic predictions and forgot to live in the world around us. Life has stopped us from looking a little into our fears and doubts and realizing how meaningless they are and how much they take away from us every day that positive energy with which we could create something magnificent.

Life told us to “stop” because we began to justify our crazy state of haste and stress as normal, accepted it as something that had no alternative, and began to live as if we were going to live here forever. We forgot to shape life to our measure and started to shape it the way society started to impose on us and instead of living our dreams and visions we started living just to get a better picture in other people’s eyes.

When we didn’t want to stop ourselves life stopped us, stopped us, and admonished us to learn to be thankful for all that we are and have.

To learn to appreciate those little things that we often didn’t notice, to respect the people we surrounded ourselves with, and to realize that all that gift can be taken away from us in an instant. When we did not want to stop alone, life stopped us and gave us a new chance, a chance to think well and decide in which direction we will further direct our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

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