Just one decision

Only one decision separates you from a completely different world. Just one small step. Step in a different direction.

Because when you take that other path, completely different views will open up to you. The ones you couldn’t even imagine. The ones you dreamed of, but didn’t even dream of being so close. At hand reach. When you dare to reach out. Near you, when you dare to step out.

Only one decision is needed. One that will completely change the direction of movement. And take you to some new heights.

Dare to.
Make up your mind.
Do not be afraid.
Indulge and let it take you.

Because it doesn’t call you in vain. There is a reason why you need to go that route. And why it’s good for you. So don’t analyze too much. Don’t think indefinitely.

Make up your mind!
Get moving!
And don’t let anything stop you along the way!

Go and live the life you have decided to live!

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