To the people who jump in when everything else fails

I did not (luckily) pick up all possible experiences and knowledge of this world, I picked as many as they fit into my 35 years. Some difficult situations have passed me by, some I have passed by looking at whether we are in a safe distance and some I’ve really embraced and the way things are, again, I would do everything to the detail, all the way to the disappointment, to the sleepless night, to all the messages if it was the only path that led to everything today. I’d probably change one thing, I’d list the titles of all the books I’ve read so far, but if that’s the biggest grief for me, let it be.

Still stronger than these difficult situations, I hugged those beautiful situations. And those people you know that even if the world is turning upside down, they will continue tagging you on memes and photos, keeping your most embarrassing shameful images and screenshots and you that you will understand each other in about two looks, even when you are both wearing sunglasses. And when that person says, “I thought you were wearing, you know, that shirt with, you know, those pants,” the most bizarre of all, you’ll know exactly what these pants are and what the shirt is. Them, and the one indispensable category that will even during the apocalypse, look over their glasses and tell you to bring an umbrella because it will rain and not to lose it. And you will lose it of course, like all decent people.

And again, to the detail, all the way to laughter, all the way to the sleepless nights, all the way to the meme that embarrassed you in front of the whole Facebook and aunt from Germany, all the way to the forgotten umbrella, up to all those moments you will have something to remember one day. Because, although the dear God knows how much I collector stiletto, it is no secret that they will not be something to count on one day. People will count. The memories and the feeling that you have experienced your potentials in all fields will be counted. It will count: “Buy me some sweet” and chocolate waiting for you on the table for 15 minutes when you come back to the room. All those people who jump in as inspiration for emotion will count, though it seemed to you that the very best thing a brain could write for a post is at the moment “mash”.

14 thoughts on “To the people who jump in when everything else fails”

  1. Great read. I like the wording you use: “I hugged those beautiful situations”. It is important to hug situations whether they are good or bad and to continue to embrace them.


  2. What a beautiful post. It is important to be positive whenever someone is having a bad day or experience a rough patch in their life. People need a Tigger-like person in their lives.


  3. It is definitely important to focus more on the beautiful moments. Those along with our support systems make it easy to keep going. We should not wary over taking the drive.


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