Balkan mentality: Do not rock the boat

In our country the one prevails; “Don’t wave! Stay where you are! ” mentality.

Are you looking for another job? Why? Are you unhappy? You work a lot and you get paid a little? So what?! Who isn’t? Stop where you are. Times are uncertain.

Divorce??! Doesn’t he respect you? Is he cheating on you? Gambling? Is he beating you? Drinks? Are you unhappy? Life is not a romantic movie! Everyone has problems. To grow up! Deal with them.

Would you go to another city / state? Into the unknown? Do you think there is better? You live in delusion. Unattainable fantasy, delusion, illusion!

‘Stay the same. Don’t change.’ But why not?

When my friend wanted to change the environment, I had the usual conversation with her.

Why? Are you sure? Can you try for a while longer? Give your best? To try? “Big” decisions are not made overnight. Don’t give up too soon! Think!

She thought! Her arguments were, the arguments of a mature, adult woman. As always, irrefutable!

During that time, I listened to stories about how she already has everything she needs and why she would like to change it. About how unreasonable that is. How could she do that to her family. Once it starts to change, it changes constantly.

I caught myself repeating it to her. I don’t know how to explain why. I guess it’s ingrained in all of us.

Don’t break “relationships”, friendships, acquaintances! Don’t change schools, colleges, jobs, clubs, cities, states! Because that’s how it should be. Do not rock the boat. Stand still.

“Stability” is important! And it is! But not to the detriment of common sense. Stability is built in a calm, healthy, happy environment. It is not built where something is choking you. Where are you falling apart! It kills from within.

Maybe it’s good for someone else to remind us of what we forgot.

If you’re unhappy, if it’s not going, if you’re struggling, if you feel something is wrong… then you are probably right.

Who knows better than you, when that’s enough? When have you exhausted all options? When did you realize you tried everything but nothing changed? Who knows better than you, how much you fought, how long you tried not to give up? Who knows better than you, whether there was a response from the other side or you encountered silence. In silence! On the closed door. Who knows better than you, when is the time to turn the page and finish the story?

Cut off

And then why not move on? Because of fear? Because of others? Because of insecurity? Because of the form?

Only you know when to cut what suffocates you, restrains you, kills you a little.

Don’t listen to others if you are sure of what you want. Don’t agree to a little, because “a little” was enough for others. Don’t let them convey their fears to you, those who didn’t have the courage to go after their dreams. Those who tell you that their fears are right. Because they are not. Fears stop. They kill self-confidence, ambition. They throw in mediocrity. Because of them, you sleep through life. You die before you die. Unhappy!

Don’t spend your life in remorse because you didn’t do, something you wanted, loved, could.

Love, laugh, travel, fight, change what is wrong, be ambitious, want more. Thats how you do it. That’s OK!

Don’t follow those who don’t want anything! For whom nothing was enough!

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