It is not selfish if a woman does not want to have children

One of the two oldest myths is that a woman is not complete or fulfilled until she becomes a mother. Many women persistently repeat that they will fulfill their life mission only when they become mothers. And that’s perfectly fine, to feel the desire to give birth to and raise your own children. But it’s not okay to condemn women who have decided to build their lives without motherhood. Who simply declared that they did not want to have children either married or out of wedlock. They have their reasons that society must respect.

Uncultured questions about motherhood

Numerous women have faced embarrassing questions about procreation at least once in their lives and have had to come up with reasons and excuses to justify it.

Examiners have no understanding for a woman who wants to have a successful business career, who wants to enjoy with her partner, who wants to travel and enjoy all the joys provided by the lavish range of life colors and shades.

In their eyes, such a woman is egotistical, selfish and inhumane.

They believe that later such a woman will become frustrated and resentful of the people and circumstances around her. The only real woman in their eyes is a mother with several children who is completely dedicated to them. A devoted mother to her children and a faithful, submissive and obedient wife to her husband. In their patriarchal eyes, a woman is obliged to indulge every whim of her husband and give birth to and raise new children who will continue the family, traditional heritage.

An unmarried man is a macho and an alpha

Unlike a woman, a non-family man has the status of a king. He is confident, strong and handsome and has the absolute right to change women as much as he wants. He has the right to say how and when he wants to have children. He also has the right to state his position on abortion. If we think about it, every man has a primal need for procreation.

He only needs a wife to have children. In the context that this woman should not be charming, beautiful, interesting, intelligent, witty, empathetic. All these qualities are erased when there is a desire to conceive. In anthropological and biological terms, only a healthy woman who is capable of giving birth is needed to produce offspring.

This is one of the reasons why many women refuse to give birth. They want a lot more out of this life. They find them valuable in their own right.

It takes two to Tango

On the other hand, for the upbringing of a child, a mother who is smart, capable, kind, empathetic is desirable. A mother who is competent to assess what is good for children and what is not. Today’s mothers are active in almost 95% of their children’s upbringing and life.

Many fathers behave irresponsibly and leave most of the care of their children to their mothers. They are often justified by work commitments. It doesn’t occur to them to take a vacation just to dedicate themselves to the kids. It is important to emphasize that these same men are expecting a dedicated wife who will be creative and imaginative in bed.

Who is Realy selfish here?

After all these reasons, it becomes logical if a woman decides for life without sacrifice. For a life without eternal care for children and husband. If it’s all on her shoulders. Or if she just prolongs her birth period and marries to 35 or 40 years of age, she becomes a selfish grandmother.

Thank God for the so-called to selfish women who live life to the fullest. Who laugh sincerely, who travel and enjoy every moment. And who record it on social media in spite of all the enemies. They are truly free to make every decision about their lives and free us from all patriarchal stereotypes and expectations. And here I am not only talking about women without children, I know a few mothers who live like this too and selfishly raise their children to live like that also.

4 thoughts on “It is not selfish if a woman does not want to have children”

  1. This is a great post! I agree with you it is not selfish of a woman if she doesn’t want children. I envy those women that made those choices. Do not get me wrong, I love my daughter. But I was never a girl who dreamt of being a mother, and being a mother does not come naturally to me.

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  2. I think not having kids is the most unselfish thing a person can do. There are too many people on the planet as it is. Many people who have kids don’t take care of them, or didn’t want them in the first place, so we’re left with a messed up society. Not having kids if you don’t want to is a noble thing.

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  3. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ so called selfish woman right here 😂 beyond bored of this kind of thinking, I hate the fact that so many people have opinions on other people’s decision around children. Great post

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