Be enough for yourself, who cares what the world thinks…

I know, you are often sad, scared, insecure. You are often afraid of what will come, you hide from everything that has happened. You feel you are not enough, valuable enough, smart enough or good enough.

Look in the mirror. Look at yourself with real eyes. You know that you have so many beautiful virtues, that you have so many beautiful traits on you. Remind yourself of what these dear people are saying. You know how much you have helped someone in your life, how many times you have been a shoulder to cry on, a refuge and a place to sleep for a lost sheep.

Do you remember when they praised you for being calm, generous? When they reminded you that you didn’t lose that child in you, that you still go through life with that incorrigible smile even after the storm, without taking off your pink glasses.

I know, you need yourself

Then why did you forget that? Oh, I know, sometimes we get lost in the daily nightmare. I know, sometimes you need a big box of ice cream, or the biggest chocolate, wine, juice, favorite movie, favorite cd, night.

You need time to dance with yourself when no one is watching, to look at yourself in the mirror for hours and count how you will go on a diet from tomorrow. You desperately ask for that time to take a break from him, from the boss, from the children, from yourself … .to vegetate in one room, let your thoughts idle and just exist in the moment.

I know. You also need moments when you don’t want to remember anyone, when you just want to run away from everything and be someone else for a moment, so that you can come back to yourself and regenerate. It’s all part of our madness and charms, I get you. I myself am sometimes like that, silly.

But you have to realize that you are self-sufficient.

You have to learn to be self-sufficient. You also have to learn that you are smart enough, good enough, beautiful enough.

It doesn’t matter what the world thinks, who else cares about the world? Create your own little world. Where everything will be nice and bright, unburdened. Where others will enter carefully and slowly without disturbing your sleep or meditation.

Where others will leave gifts in the form of nice words of encouragement, interesting and casual discussions. Where together you will create maybe silly, maybe innovative ideas until the morning. Create that world even when you are completely alone.

Be your own best friend

Be your best friend and get to know yourself. Realize what makes you happy and inspires you, what saddens you and destroys your energy and will to smile. You’re not far from yourself, I know, you’re just tired of other people. Did they teach you that the time you set aside for yourself is selfishness and sin? They taught you wrong.

The time you spend with others is a nice time. But the time you spend with yourself is the most precious. In the end, throughout life you will have or not have yourself the most. It depends on how hard you work on that journey.

Don’t forget that. Some people will want to change you, some will accept you and exist with you if you let them. But you will always be you. And you will always have to rely on yourself the most, only then on others. Know how to recognize it, know that you have to build yourself to be strong enough sometimes if unexpected troubles come.

It is okay to call on loved ones as comfort and support. It’s okay to rely on others as well. Take care not to do it too often, because why when you know that you carry that power within yourself. You know that your moment will come when you will shine in full splendor and be proud of the person you look in the mirror in the morning.

You are enough!

Understand please, be self-sufficient. First to myself, then to others. He and they will come, when the time comes for it, when you are ready. You don’t want them to come, are you, while you’re still insecure and broken into a hundred pieces?

Complete your circle, discover all your nuances, and only then allow others to discover and appreciate them.

Remember, you are self-sufficient, others are just a wonderful upgrade in our coloring book of life. For the world, who cares. We carry our world within us forever.

4 thoughts on “Be enough for yourself, who cares what the world thinks…”

  1. I needed this post today. So inspirational.

    I’ve always been independent, but I haven’t really looked after myself, in terms of talking kindly to myself, until recently.

    Liked by 1 person

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