Honey, don’t feed his ego

Some men think that the whole planet revolves around them. In essence, that planet should be a woman’s brain that will agree to all their desires and whims. Namely, they think that it is understood that all women’s attention is focused on them and they are ready to use that attention for play and manipulation. They have already visualized a woman willingly waiting for their every message, call, or any gesture that shows that his ego has shown interest in her.

If she happens to have some other interests or priorities, it stings and digs them. Because what does she have, more important than him? And they skillfully bypass and manipulate the time when and how they will communicate with which woman. They play the card of so-called female insecurity and emotional reactions. They expect it.

If she prays, begs, or in any way seeks attention, this further increases the fair of their vanity. Desperate messages feed their egos and boost their self-confidence. They motivate them to be even bigger players who will spin women and their emotions around the little finger. It sounds very cruel, but this is the harsh reality of men like this.

I have other priorities besides him

Such men are afraid of intelligent, ambitious, successful women who have a fulfilled life. They are afraid of women who are eager to acquire new knowledge and experiences, who are learning new languages and who have a wide range of different interests. Women who read and think critically are a challenge that is difficult to deal with.

Namely, strong women know how to assess their intentions because they understand their established jokes and phrases. Such women do not fall for the story of how all the girls in the city are eager to meet and be with such men. They put themselves first.

They enjoy their occupations and their hobbies. They know how to fill their lives without the passive need for a man and the occasional passionate adventure. They are self-aware, but again grounded enough because of their valuable experiences. They make mistakes, but they come out of their mistakes even stronger, more satisfied and ready for new life challenges.

Strong women do not agree to games

Women like this have a lot to offer. They are interesting. intriguing and constantly advancing. Egocentric and narcissistic men cannot cope with such feminine energy because it restrains them. They are accustomed to passive subordination.

If they get bored, they will leave them, and if they want, they will reconcile with them because they know that passive women will welcome them with open arms. But confident women are aware of how much they are worth. They create and build. They are wholes and will never agree to the condition of characterizing them as a gentler and better half. They play a major role in their lives.

And you can become better to yourself and more confident

Respect yourself. Values your time because you are the one who chooses who to give it to. You are the one who has the power to allocate your time and use it for quality things. Don’t wait for a man and never pray for his attention.

Maybe you are currently fragile, vulnerable, sensitive emotional, maybe even addicted to the illusions he has given you. However, deep in your subconscious, you know that it is far from the true love you deserve.

Therefore, focus on building, developing and advancing your self-confidence. Your personality is very rich in different interests and when you realize that, there will be no end to your energy. You will reach your full potential. You will be active in your life and independent because you are like you and more than good enough and valuable enough. You are love, in itself. And one day you will meet someone who will appreciate your time and your love.

4 thoughts on “Honey, don’t feed his ego”

  1. I can’t stress enough how important this post is! Thank you so much for writing this. Sometimes in an attempt to make a relationship work we tend to ‘lose ourselves’ and just try to everything possible to please the partner and that isn’t of course reciprocated. This isn’t healthy at all. Mens egos have lead to a lot of breakdowns, if only theyd realise!

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  2. Such a great post and in my experience, very true.

    It’s also a relevant topic right now. Thanks for sharing. Someone out there will need to read this and will feel better for doing so.

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