Stop fighting for people who won’t lift a finger for you!

It’s hard sometimes to go against the heart, but it’s even harder when you’re constantly going against yourself. Don’t do it to yourself! You don’t live here long enough to make such colossal mistakes.

There are a lot of people waiting for you, people who are willing to do many beautiful things for you but may be ashamed to show it, they may be too closed to admit it to you. Discover them and then give them your heart.

Stop fighting for people who have been leaving you for years but never to leave because there is always some need or some interest bringing them back into your world. You don’t deserve to be surrounded by bad actors who will offer you some nice word or smile for a moment but there will only be one big gap behind it. Don’t ignore the facts you see because you carry in your head the outlines of a better world, so that in the end it doesn’t overwhelm you.


Once you realize that you deserve full respect you will no longer run into the arms of those who can’t and don’t want to give it to you but will give you a moment of attention because behind it they will get something from you.

Enjoy the opportunities you have with you, get to know what you carry in your soul, get to know the talents so you will see that you don’t have to wallow in a relationship where you will always have a sense of inferiority and lack of self-esteem.

Don’t stick to your past just because it had bright spots for a few moments, maybe it was all a fake glow. When you discover your worth, your eyes and heart will be opened to things that will fill your life with wonderful blessings. Don’t overlook them!

Nurture gratitude for all those good things in life and you will see how they will increase. And send all those negative people, situations and events into the past. They belong to them.

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