Give them a chance to be better people than us

One of the better decisions you can make for your child is not to comment in front of him:

Kindergarten teacher, who didn’t look after him when he fell,

A teacher who explains poorly, gives homework for holidays and weekends, asks a lot, and gives little,

A professor who gives him bad grades because he “doesn’t sympathize” with him,

A coach who doesn’t know how to come up with tactics to win,

A neighbor who “breathes too loudly”,

Stepmother / Stepfathers who “don’t like” him,

Agnostics, skeptics, atheists,

Satanists, believers, Christians

The one with a different color of skin, hair, eyes, different property status or education,

“Communists”, “political peasants”, “anti-vaxers”, “vaxers” …

The “bad” eleven-year-old stopper from “Younger Pioneers 2”,

The one you don’t like because she’s “conceited”, “arrogant”, “cynical”, different from you,

A mother-in-law who is full of stories, and doesn’t call often enough, to family lunches,

Brother-in-law and sister-in-law who for some reason are constantly driving you crazy,

A colleague who is conceited, vain, lazy and incompetent

Maybe at that moment we will “buy” points for ourselves. Being in their small, innocent eyes, better than the ones we’re talking about.

Their “superheroes”, without a stain in the “file”.

Maybe we will feel powerful then too. Invincible. Maybe we will believe that we are better, smarter, more valuable, more moral, nobler, more attractive…

… But if we really were, we would not have the need to prove our “greatness” through “other people’s, most often incompetent, backs”.

The playful little heads will quickly become confused young heads. Faster than we think. He will come of age, when he will not be able to explain to himself or others, the whirlpool of emotions in himself.

It is easiest to react impulsively and get involved in everything that is different or unacceptable and “unbearable” for us, for some rational or irrational reason. And the greatest harm, by such behavior, we do to the child.

It’s harder to keep quiet. Keep the anger to yourself. Put love for the child, in front of the hurt ego. In front of prejudice. In front of (unreasonable) contempt.

And they should. Because only in this way can we give them the opportunity to grow; no frustration, no hatred, no anger, no ridicule. Aware of injustice, ready to fight them. But open hearts and minds, towards everyone.

No anger in yourself.

Only in this way can we give them the opportunity to grow into healthy, happy people, who build their opinions based on their experiences, instead of our stereotypes and misconceptions.

Only then will we give them a chance to be better people than us!

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