Can we call ourselves a mentally healthy generation?

In the broadest sense, mental health encompasses emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Ultimately, it is reflected in the way we think, feel and behave. It is more worthwhile than ever to start this topic and break down all the taboo doors in front of it. And ask yourself – can we call ourselves a mentally healthy generation?

You are as strong as you can endure

Hustle culture certainly loves these motivational charms. However, there is a lot of masochism in all this. And the subcutaneous belief that life means torment and endurance. Yes, we have all had and still have close opportunities to witness renunciation, sacrifice and shed blood in order to achieve it… I don’t even know what exactly. The end is the same for all of us.

Given this fact, it is increasingly difficult to find meaning in the methods we see, living and enslaving the past that we like to adorn under such a respected tradition. The same generational sequences are often repeated. The same pain, the same trauma, the same ways. Only other actors.

Wouldn’t it be more useful if the collective perception of life shifted from endurance to being itself and experiencing life as an opportunity? Wrestling and wrestling have certainly made a clear correlation with what we call success. And, life has become a road to rush through which we come to the same. And, we often don’t see where we are or what’s around us.

All this automatically leads to a loss of inner peace and a clear perception of everything around us. Us and all our relationships. And finally, don’t life make up just relationships? We frantically push forward because no one wants to fall out of the race. That would mean weakness. And invisibility. And, you are as strong as you can endure. And you are visible to how much you receive external social stimuli that stimulate your hustle rushing. The whole concept of power should be redefined. In physical terms, it can be measured in endurance.

However, in a mental sense, strength should be measured by acceptance. And the unpleasant one. By accepting fatigue. Exhaustion. Vulnerabilities. Injuries. Resignation. All of the above is allowed. And transient.

Therefore, there is no point in embarrassing the endurance of life that we eventually subjugate. Be aware of a bad moment, feeling, period and understand that strength begins with acceptance and permission. And, after acceptance and permission, the transience of these unpleasant feelings and states inevitably follows. Everything is moving and nothing is carved in stone. Well, it’s not a bad day. And, if that day stretched into years – that may be a sign that he is enslaved to the race described earlier. Races of other people’s served wills and trodden paths.

New strength means accepting and allowing vulnerability and awareness of the full spectrum of emotions. Allowing breaks, new beginnings and radical changes in any period of life. I warmly recommend dropping out of a race where a social onslaught applauds as shed blood, sweat and tears. New strength is not as much as you can endure but choice. A choice that begins with a decision and continues in some new ways.

Imperare sibi maximum imperium est (The greatest power is to have power over one’s self)

Unfortunately, frustration, resignation, and uncontrolled human reactions burst from the spheres of service industries, public transportation, to family dramas. Kindness got stuck in some better times. Or, are we convinced we are living in bad weather? Or, are we bad stuck at a perfectly ok time? Certainly, the standard and quality of life in Croatia could be far better and have their impact on the collective consciousness.

But can that be an excuse to be awful to each other? By ranking on social scales, we are classified into mediocre imaginary positions of rulers and subordinates. Which ultimately spreads arrogance and authority with a whip – among those who believed in a dominant position. Or complexes of lesser value, gloom and frustration – in those who believed in a subordinate position.

All this is a very shameful and mediocre conception of life. And it is spreading like an epidemic-pandemic. I wonder where the kindness went? Maybe she, too, in these “bad” times, has been put under weakness? We witness too much uncontrolled human reactions from known and unknown people. From the public counter to someone’s living room. Indeed, all this leads to the question can we call ourselves a mentally healthy generation? Or are we a generation so thirsty and hungry for rule, and at the same time incapable of controlling ourselves in the first place? “Imperare sibi maximum imperium est.” – The greatest power is to have power over one’s self – Mentally healthy generation? When everyone would manage their reactions, and kindness became the new normal. Online and offline.

October 10 was World Mental Health Day

A mentally healthy generation is one that allows and shamelessly speaks about the whole spectrum of emotional, psychological and social states. Especially conditions that are less pleasant and more difficult to “pass”. Psychotherapy is still something “unnecessary” in our area. The mentality itself has hampered the development of the profession, it seems to me. And, it also seems to me that the voice of the profession is needed more than ever. Most people don’t even think about their own states and emotions. They simply live life on autopilot due to external circumstances. Without any share of it all. I do not see evolutionary or human progress in this way.

Some are also unable to determine how they feel because they have simply been swallowed up and overwhelmed by the method of suppressing all emotions as a normal way of functioning. The benefit does not lie in the system we live in or the “bad” weather.

Welfare is not in the state budget or the fate that befell us. The well-being lies primarily in the personal consciousness and perception of each of us. When one develops an awareness of one’s own emotions, one comes to the conclusion that no emotion is “negative.” Each exists for a reason and directs us to something better. If the awareness was expanded and talked about more, maybe the whole taboo and shame about “negative” emotions would disappear. If awareness of this were spread, individuals would not feel guilty because they are not feeling well today.

Society, and personally each individual in it, is responsible and can contribute to their own mental health and the health of others. How? Eliminate condemnations and taboos. Change beliefs. Encourage change and new ways. Do not build on the power of endurance but of experience. Be kind – to yourself and others. The times we live in are neither good nor bad. It has been given to us and brings with it opportunities and possibilities. It doesn’t hurt to pause for a moment and think about the way we think, feel, and behave. Maybe that’s the way for the script below.

Inner peace is a new treasure.

The greatest power is the one you have over yourself.

Kindness is the new normal.

12 thoughts on “Can we call ourselves a mentally healthy generation?”

  1. Imperare sibi maximum imperium est (The greatest power is to have power over one’s self) – love this!! What a great article on such an important topic. Thanks so much!

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  2. Great article. I do like how mental health is talked about more but I still feel there’s ignorance and some people really don’t know how to react to a friend or family member with mental health problems.

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  3. There is this sense that people have become less kind and less tolerant of others in our society; the pandemic has exacerbated problems that already existed and has really taken a toll on our collective mental health, I believe. But the good thing is that there is more of an awareness of the importance of mental health; it’s no longer such a taboo to talk about it or seek therapy. However, I wouldn’t necessarily say that we are a mentally healthy generation just yet, but we are definitely seeking and making great strides toward improvement.

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