A story about real men

That’s that charming guy, with a sense of humor! A smiling guy who respects himself and you! A guy raised as a man! A type made of quality material, woven from thin but strong threads and coated with the highest quality varnish that never wears off!

A real man is a gentleman with “bad boy” manners and a “Bad boy” with gentlemanly qualities.

He is a thief who can steal your thoughts and heart, but he will never sell them. He is a human, but male- so a Man! And don’t tell me that real men no longer exist, that they are all the same, that everyone cheats, that they are all manipulators and jerks! This is not true!

That story was coined by poor people who failed to become men. It was invented by jerks who send their dicks to your inbox – because they are jerks! Idiots who fuck, belittle, and manipulate – they are also idiots! The weeping ones who wonder how they are misunderstood and unhappy – they are just that, the weeping ones!

Hypocrites, bullies, suckers, man whores, drooling with soft wet hands who never became men. These are just failed attempts by men, who are lagging behind in emotional development.

When you meet a man, you will recognize him!

So he threw the hook in the inbox, and you got caught? Really ??

A real man doesn’t fish virtually, he’ll make sure he finds you serious. A man worthy of your attention has the balls to knock and meet you. He doesn’t come bundled with former loves, a difficult childhood, and a cursed destiny. He has already solved his former love with himself, his difficult childhood has built him up, and he regularly challenges destiny to a duel. He knows how to solve his problems on his own, and he doesn’t ask you to be his shoulder to cry on, a psychiatrist, or a lifeguard. He asks you to be his equal partner in everything.

He hit you? Turn him to dust! He cheated on you, so he cried and asked for forgiveness? Take a wet sponge and wipe him out of your life, like wiping a school board. He doesn’t respect anyone? He won’t respect you either – disappear! Doesn’t respect his ex? He won’t respect you either – disappear! He doesn’t take care of his kids? He won’t even bother with yours – delete him from your life!

Your relationship status – is it complicated? No, it’s not, but you’re stupid, and he’s a cattle! He’s cheating, and you feel ashamed? Wet sponge and wipe him out from your life! Immediately! He is asking you for money to buy cigarettes and beer, but he expects you to do everything yourself around your home and to provide for him? Kick in the balls, then leave him!

A real man can be rich or poor, tall or short, black or blue, loud or quiet, a farmer or a city guy, a manager or a builder, it doesn’t matter because he has respect, empathy, honesty, loyalty, and love in him.

In order for your search to be successful, it is necessary for you to be a Human and a complete one. I’m sorry, but it’s not enough that only he is made of quality material, but the material you are made of must also be quality. It can’t be otherwise!

So, don’t tell me about unhappy loves, because such ones don’t exist in real life!

Unhappy love is not real love. The man who cheats on you is not a man. The peasant who drinks all day long is also not a man. The jerk who slaps you is a coward without balls.

The sloth you work for is an invertebrate. He is not jealous because he loves you, but because he is insecure in his qualities. Since there are none, he is rightly insecure. A real man is honest, brave, wise, hardworking, cultured, kind, and has a high amount of respect for his partner who he views as his equal.

Such people are all around us and such are associated with such. Am I romantic? No, I’m reasonable! Does he need time to decide if he wants to be with you or not? He can’t leave his wife, but he only loves you?

Come on don’t fuck with me! I know you know all this, but maybe you forgot, maybe because of all those invertebrates, that knowledge of what you deserve is hidden somewhere. Find it, along with self-confidence and self-worth. You all are worthy of beautiful things in this life.

6 thoughts on “A story about real men”

  1. Absolutely LOVE this post. I spent a lot of years kissing a lot of frogs (or people more suited to the words you’ve used in this post)

    Then I met my now hubby. We’ve know each other since first school and got together in our early 30’s, when we had both worked out a lot of our issues. He’s a wonderful man!

    Liked by 1 person

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