And goodbyes are part of the journey. It’s okay to move on…

You're allowed, let's move on now. Turn around and start from a life that has given you nothing but bruises.

Turn around and start from friends who have done nothing but belittle. Turn around and get away from your ex-lover who did nothing but leave you heartbroken.

There is nothing wrong with turning a new page in your life and moving on. So many times they have told you to stay quiet. They teach us to stay hidden. We were told not to talk. We are told to avoid conflict at all costs.

But what when someone hurts us? What about what eats us from the inside out? What do we do then? Keep quiet? Stay dissatisfied? Not!!! We have to talk. We have to do something.

So, go, move on

Go, dare and move out of your small town where you stagnate. Pass by your cafe and the shops you go to all the time, and you come out elusive, unhappy, even more miserable. Go beyond everything you’re used to. Get out of your comfort zone.

Move on and run away from people who have done nothing but hurt you. Move away from your so-called “friends” who find pleasure in gossiping, making fun of others and you. Get away from people who take and take. And you just give and give.

You are allowed to move on. That’s okay, you know. Say goodbye to the past. Say goodbye to the life you once knew, and say hello to the life you will build from now on. Don’t look back, leave everything where it should be, part of your past.

And it’s more than okay to move on

Move on. Give yourself a new life. The kind of life you deserve. Happy life, worthy of you. Do not look back. Promise you won’t look back. And don’t be afraid, you won’t be alone, real, quality people will approach you. They will recognize in you a wonderful being who is ready for new steps. There will always be someone coming.

Do it for all those who consider you weak, show how brave you are. Show them how powerful you are. And most importantly, do it for yourself. For a new self, for a better self.

You are allowed to leave, and you just put on a huge smile as you leave.

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