Do you have strong people in your life? Take care of them!

Strong people can be much more unprotected than weaker ones. During a storm, the thin reed just bends and rustles, and the pine simply breaks and dies forever - say the Chinese and the Chinese know what they are talking about…

Strong people are not responsible for themselves at all. Not even for your loved ones. They are responsible for the whole world, which has reached their orbit.

Because strength attracts – as physicists say, and they, too, know what they are saying.

Strong people are not healthier at all and are not more resilient than everyone else. They simply know exactly that they have no right to faint and die, as long as someone else depends on them.

They are in a state of heart attack, jump into the water, swim to the drowning child, pull him ashore, make sure nothing is endangering him, and only then breathe a sigh of relief.

So say doctors, and they have seen many more miracles in their working lives than the Chinese and physicists combined.

Strong people are very lonely. Not because they don’t tolerate anyone next to them, simply… They are strong.

That is why no one thinks that it is painful, scary, lonely, sad for them as well…

Strong, silent people walk the earth. It's not always easy with them, it's not always comfortable, it's not always easy - but it's safe with them.

It is precisely this support that always comes to the rescue at the last minute.

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