You have to know it’s not good…

Complaining to others about how they should live and how they should behave.
  • Interfering in other people’s private lives because you think you’re right for whatever reason.
  • Forcing anyone to do things he thinks are not in line with his values ​​and attitudes.
  • To think that your only opinion is correct and that it is the measure by which other people should live.
  • To think you are worth more than anyone else on this planet of ours.
  • To think you deserve more than anyone else.
  • Think negatively about people, other people’s actions, and opinions just because you are unable to understand them.
  • Cheating people, because it’s easier and more “fun”.
  • Manipulating others to gain some benefit for yourself, because everything is seen and understood by others even though they do not show it to you.
  • Blame anyone for his steps, you must not do that, you did not create them, neither them nor their steps.
  • To impose your opinion or way of life on someone, let everyone walk free.
  • To deny love to someone because of the language he speaks, the way he dresses, a different outlook on life.
If you want to change something you must first understand

It may be difficult to understand all this but to understand it is enough to put yourself in the position of all these above-mentioned people.

Imagine being one of those who experience it all, feel it.

Then you would certainly not like to be denied the gifts of life, to be manipulated by others, to be objected to, to be lied to, to be used to be blamed for thinking or acting at your own discretion, to be condemned, gossips or humiliates.

You would not like to be viewed as incompetent or belittled for something that someone else can and you cannot.

When you manage to feel the lack of love in a relationship in which you unreservedly give yourself to another, when you try to protect the other from difficult moments, when you try to bring yourself completely to the other, then you will understand.

By understanding to a happier action

And surely, because you feel that way, you will no longer wish that feeling on anyone, nor will you want to afford it with your actions.

When in a situation you realize that you have been manipulated to achieve something, that you have been deceived and humiliated, when you realize that you have been exploited and trampled on your feelings, ruined your existence, you will understand that these are the worst moments, the worst possible feelings and that every one from whom you felt it did not learn to choose differently, did not learn to have a choice to act more beautifully, to the joy of others and not to the sorrow of others.

And surely, because you have experienced them that way, you will not want to wish them on anyone.

So at any time you can choose how you think, speak and act.

And just because you can choose, you can feel.

When you choose the most beautiful opinion, the most beautiful expression and the most beautiful action at any time, you become the most beautiful to yourself and others.

And then there are no more ugly feelings, no more difficult and painful relationships.

Everything becomes simple to everyone’s satisfaction.

Through our thoughts, words, and deeds without pretending but with the understanding we can make ourselves and everyone happy and valuable.

And now as never before and more now than ever before to realize that only together can we truly make ourselves and this our world the best!

We know-how!

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