Soul Talk: Where are you in all this?

And where are you? Where are you in this whole story? Where are you in your day after fulfilling all the "musts"?

Is there you in yourself when you look at your reflection?

Or do you not even recognize yourself anymore?

Where are you in all this? Is there you in your day? Or just a sea of other people’s demands and expectations?

Where has what you want gone? What do you love and make you happy? Is there that or are you completely neglected?

And who told you not to? Isn’t it fair to think of yourself? He declared you selfish while ignoring that what he asks of you for himself is selfish. Without asking you how you feel…

Yes, I know everything. You still have a lot of responsibilities. Well, this and that, and the time will come when you will dedicate a little more to yourself.

But let me tell you something: He won’t come even then. Because, as usual, you will leave yourself again for later. And so life passes. Years go by, and that time never comes. And let’s just come to terms with some half-life and somehow live it mediocre. Convincing myself it’s ok.

And we know it’s not. We know that we have moved so far away from ourselves that we do not even recognize each other. We don’t even know what we want and love anymore. And are we really present in what we live at all…

We push ourselves so much and get used to it, that it becomes normal for us. Because like everyone else, they live like that. And that is abnormal.

Life is not meant to be mediocre and gray. The journey from work to home, paying utilities and a little relaxation… A rut without end.

There should already be a spectrum of beautiful colors and emotions. Full of warmth, joy, and experience! Formless and full of content. To fall asleep at the end of a beautiful day with a smile and a full heart. And you welcome the morning joyfully and cheerfully enter the new day.

To remind yourself that you can’t feed the world hungry. But with a full heart, you can ennoble everything you touch.

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