Patriarchal “aunts” pointing fingers at victims of violence

These women are actually desperate, frustrated and very dissatisfied with their own lives. They express their anger and life agony in negative comments, persistently glorifying the male ego and pride of the perpetrators and sharply condemning their victims. Such women are ‘great believers’ with a cover photo of a cross or a Croatian flag. They go to church regularly and pray for other sinful women who have gone the ‘wrong way’.

They warn them of their inappropriate and scanty clothing and criticize their every rebellion expressed for a successful career, travel, and the realization of ambition. Such women consider themselves morally competent to create rules in society. They raised their fathers, brothers, or sons on the pedestal of life and spent their time pampering them. Their houses are bright and clean and no noise can be heard under their windows.

Eavesdropping and curiosity

They examine the details of your lives in detail and love to know everything. They were informed of all the information in the neighborhood. They know where, how and who is seeing whom. Such women think that it is okay if men cheat and beat them.

They were simply brought up in such a way that his word was the last.

If the husband cheated on his wife, in their opinion she was neglected, did not regularly perform the “sacred” marital duties, or did not listen to him carefully while he recounted his troubles in the betting shop. If he hits her, it’s safe because she provoked him or God forbid she answered him in an argument. According to these aunts, that blow is a warning sign that the woman needs to be fixed.

The danger of their influence

For women like this, the only life goal was to get married so that society would take them seriously. They reached the peak of their glorification when they gave birth to children. However, they are often closed and in addition to socializing with other women of their kind and household chores, their inner emotional and spiritual life is empty and poor.

Darkness and bitterness are created in them, which accumulate over the years. In the end, they express it with hatred towards other women out of fear, envy, and insecurity. A desperate voice from their shell sharply condemns all the victims and persistently seeks excuses for it.

That cult of the man probably occupied her whole life. Such women simply cannot believe that superior beings, men, could make mistakes. Unfortunately, such women become puppets while their men pull the strings or vice versa. Over time, they acquired the skills to manage their man by neighborhood standards.

They are toxic and dangerous

They share moral rules, criticism, and advice, and on social media, they share petitions for the release of a police chief accused of sexual harassment. Their great concern is that globalization is coming and the traditional values of conservative minds are dying.

They are concerned about youth and children. They do not allow inappropriate topics. They will not discuss contraception with their daughters. They will not warn their sons not to exploit the girls. They are a combination of a million negative examples from which condemnation and discrimination scream.

Beware of such women because each of us has at least one, in a neighborhood, relative, or immediate family.

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