Emotional addiction is the most dangerous: To preserve dignity and happiness, some doors are best closed forever!

Love is beautiful, but it must not be an excuse to trample on one’s own dignity.

Do you know the state of suffering after the break? The same thing happens when we try to end a bad relationship, but we do not dare to break it, so it turns into real agony.

When you don’t slam the door once and for all but leave it half-open, hoping things will get better, it’s the same as walking around with an open wound doing nothing to heal.

When you decide to leave someone, then do it once and for all, because otherwise you only create agony and prolong the period of suffering.

Leaving means having enough courage and love for yourself. Breaking a bad relationship is a better option than staying in such a toxic environment. Sometimes it’s better to be alone than with anyone just to have a partner.

Sometimes it happens that we are not able to see the real situation and how much our relationship has damaged our self-esteem and happiness.

Emotional addiction destroys everything, including your own personality. It is about respect, love, and self-care. It’s okay to love someone, but sometimes we give in too much. Phrases like “I love you more than myself” can be destructive to the heart.

When we are emotionally dependent, when we do not love ourselves, then we become puppets of toxic relationships and partners.

Why do we stay in toxic relationships?

It often happens that people who find themselves in toxic relationships are not ready to face the problems and consequences of radical decisions, so they prefer to stay in bad relationships just to not be alone. Unwillingness to solve problems is mostly denial.

Loneliness, sadness, longing, acknowledging that love is not an excuse for everything you have experienced are the inevitable consequences you need to experience to move on.

Therefore, some people, instead of developing self-love, remain in difficult relationships that damage their peace of mind. They choose to suffer emotional pain rather than slam the door and end relationships that do them so much harm.

A half-open door makes you become addicted and completely blind to all problems. Radical decisions are needed to get out of toxic relationships. Don’t be afraid to slam the door behind you when you leave, because once you decide to leave, you’ll learn a lot and become a much stronger person who values yourself, and that’s the most important thing.

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