It is your time to?! Yeah right!

I don't know why they need to approach us with the sentence "Oh, you're so old, it's time for…" I don't understand why they think of us as someone who would have time for something based on their age or appearance. For what?

For marriage, for a child, for stopping going to a nightclub, for stopping watching cartoons, etc. If we women judged men by age everyone would be married by 30. But it doesn’t work. We live in a time when it is more than obvious that age and maturity have nothing to do with each other. That years and “it’s time for you” do not pass with those women who have their own selves. Because it’s time for us when we want it.

And that’s how stories start…

He was older than her and thought it was time to get married. Instead of focusing on his behavior, he focused on “it’s time for you” and ruined their relationship. For her now was the time to live their relationship and not be limited by any time limits. Neither parent, nor neighbor, nor city.

Unfortunately, he was a different guy. For him, everything overtime in his head meant that he had betrayed everyone around him. And by the pressure of time, he only let her down. And the time had come, but for her to leave him. Someone who has no time, someone who has the moment now and who enjoys it.

He was younger than her. The beginning was wonderful, but the problem arose when he put the fact in his head that it was time for her to get married. With his head, with the burden of the people around him, that thought filled his everyday life.

He had no need to be wonderful, as before. He needed to prove to her that it wasn’t time for him to get married and that he still had to live. He still has to live, because after all, his age is still young for him to think about marriage. He did not realize that by focusing on his childish needs he was losing her who saw in him a dose of maturity. Which one might she marry one day, why not? But unfortunately, the burden of what the village is saying has overcome again.

They were married for a couple of years. The children were not yet in sight. It’s not that they didn’t try, but they didn’t bother with it. He will come when the time is right. While those on the side with “it’s time for you” didn’t start destroying their idyll. They started arguing because it’s time for someone there for something. Although they were not. Although all they cared about was the time they spent together. Yet the time of someone there won out. Maybe important to them, maybe unimportant… But it destroyed what was not needed.

Why do they burden us with age?

And so they could go on indefinitely. I don’t know why they burden us with age limits, with dates, years of duration, wrinkles on the face, etc. Age is not a measure of maturity. Age is not a measure of compulsion. Your head is yours. Your body is yours. Your desire is what you want. And it couldn’t be simpler than that. And the sooner you realize this, the sooner you will let others know that it is so.

What you fill your life with determines you and who is a part of your life. You are the creator of what you wake up with today, tomorrow, and go to sleep. Whether it’s your thoughts, your partner, your room, the book, the series… Don’t let your life be shaped by any time stories. Don’t let your environment determine how and when you do something. Don’t be afraid to say out loud that you don’t have time for something.

And remember. You always have time, but only for one. To be happy.

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