Know how to say NO

In order to be able to be FOR ourselves, FOR your desires, FOR your life, FOR your attitudes, it is necessary to know how to say NO to all that and those who are trying to distract us from themselves and to diminish or regress us in any way.

NOT for those who want to take advantage of us and kick us because they have realized their low passions and themselves as having raised some value.

We need to learn how to say NO in our lives

It’s not always easy to say NO, it’s one of those ways of fighting for yourself that no one has taught us, and it should have.

Saying NO is one of the most important educational items, and it applies equally to women and men. There is no difference.

Out of responsibility for ourselves, we must know how to say NO to those who do not appreciate us

Only when we learn to act responsibly towards our own existence will we be able to say NO without hesitation to something that is not in line with ourselves and does not resonate with our existence.

And there are a lot of situations in which we find ourselves, just as many people know how to surround us and we often find ourselves in a situation where we have to say NO but it seems to us somehow difficult, I would say impossible.

Sometimes we even watch all these people and situations from the sidelines and we simply run out of strength to fight for ourselves. of life and meaning in one’s own existence, to desecrate another’s freedom in every sense and under the guise of benevolence and nobility.


For to say NO becomes an essential need in order to be able to live a life to one’s measure, a life full of contentment and joy, a free life, unencumbered by any necessities and conditions.

After all, does anyone have the right to push into other people’s lives and expect these people to be FOR their privacy, business or intentions, desires and efforts to be influenced.

And so when something does not suit us, when we are ridiculed or humiliated, when we are threatened, when we are belittled, when we are exploited or threatened with abuse when something or someone is imposed on us when we are treated useless when we are not supported in being itself only as a human being we have to say NO.

Because no one simply has the right, no one in any position has the right to treat the other that way.

Our NE will show the other that he must not behave like that, that we have our integrity, and that we will defend him to the last atom of strength.

Once we manage to say NO to all such other people’s efforts, we have managed to free up space for ourselves, we have managed to show that each of us has the right to be a tailor and helmsman of our own existence and the right to realize all our desires and strive high.

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