In December, I give to myself and others…?

It’s Black Friday. December has arrived. Gift-giving in December is the hype of their own category. Therefore, it would be really nice to give something to yourself and then to others that is really worth it.

A decision is a decision

With December comes the timing of success, failure, progress, setbacks. I believe in decisions. However, the whole hype around new beginnings at the beginning of the new year never sat me down. So are New Year’s resolutions. A decision is a decision. As long as you bring it and respect it. Every action under a certain time pressure loses its significance. He loses on his intention. In other words, if the reasons for a decision are real and original, the time frame has nothing to do with it. Time is a relative term anyway and very often, it is a product of human imagination.

Presence as a gift

So instead of anxiety or frustration over, still, unfulfilled goals or maybe mistakes made, give yourself a present this December. Your own presence in which there is no anger about the past nor anxiety and worry about the future.

Think about how often you are actually present? Right now and right here? Without your thoughts wandering in the background with all the possible scenarios, except this one now – which one are you just living? With the settings of today’s modern mind, being present has truly become a real art. It is nice to have plans and goals but often imposed time frames, instead of working for us – they work against us and create the mentioned negative states and emotions.

Reminders for the end of the year

Therefore, December and the end of the year are difficult for some. Precisely because of that time counting and recapitulation of one’s own year. Especially in this extraordinary covid time. Therefore, here are a few reminders that we often forget and could benefit us.

  • Sometimes, the greatest achievements are the invisible ones. Changes. Changing the way you think. Progress of consciousness.
  • All boundaries, including time, are determined by you. Not society, not your friends, not your family. You. Feel free to move them. Feel free to change them.
  • Control of the mind and one’s own thoughts should be the priority and primary goal of being.
  • Mental health is part of personal hygiene. Take care of him.
  • Often, the fastest way to get what you want is slowly. As in one of my better speeches, the actor Andre De Shields pointed out.
  • Often, the key to moving yourself out of place is not in motivation. Already in consistency and consistency.
  • Discipline can be a form of love. You can make that decision any day of the year.
  • Freedom of choice is an option at every possible moment. Given that, there are no mistakes.
  • By realizing that there are actually no mistakes, you have eliminated the negative aspect of fear. Which, lately, is being sown and spread symbolically – pandemically.
  • The energy expended in what you cannot control is what you need to be aware of. Then, and interrupt.
  • Conscious action with intention brings you closer to the goal. Unconsciously compulsive wandering distracts you from the trajectory.
  • Gratitude is the only prayer we pray too seldom.
  • Loneliness is sometimes the only necessary company.

If yesterday is in now, you will live reruns. If tomorrow is in now, you may be living worries and fears. If it really is all it is now, you will be there. Grateful for the past year. December will be the month of giving the most important one. Gratitude and presence. New decisions and new goals are options at all times. And the time for them is determined by you anyway.

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