Sick times and the meaning of Christmas

The point is that after a long time, you see parents living hundreds of miles away. So while you are still packing your suitcases, you can smell your mother's kitchen, Christmas cookies and see clearly, as if there is a father's smile in front of you, when he sees you at the door.

The point is in the children. To their joy and anticipation. Daily countdown. In a heart that grows like a house, when they tell you that Christmas is not “real” without grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. When you see, that even though they are small, they know that joy is not only in receiving. To that gift, under the pine tree, with their name. That the point is in giving as well. In the desire to make others happy. In that feeling of fullness, which challenges your gaze, towards someone else’s smile.

The point is in family socializing, laughing, and creating memories. In small signs of attention, which fill the heart and stay there forever.

The point is in gratitude for what you have. Wanting to help, when you can. To those who need it!

Like when, after a cry for help, from the Psychiatric Hospital, the street of a city is clogged with an endless series of bags. A bag full of love "little, ordinary, man".

Like when you give up that something and pay as much as you can to a boy who is bravely battling a bone tumor.

The point is to see a human being in another human being.

The point is in the people, who lend you a hand when you fall. In good people! Known and unknown, to help you get up and move on again.

The point is in friends! To those who do not turn their backs. Who are there when you are sad, depressed, happy, and smiling. In people, which you are sure, are the mainstay.

The point is to see them. To give them good, return well!

The point is in the understanding that you can be better. Wishing you better! In order to make it happen then.

The point is in desires, dreams, hopes. In miracles. In dozens of every day little miracles, which happen to us, and which we do not notice, because we are always running somewhere, we are chasing something.

The point is to put in a lower gear. Rejecting compulsion, whining… Enjoying the here and now. They look at themselves and around them.

The point is in faith. In good people, good days, better years.

The point is that we deserve little sequins, glitter, colorful colors, and fireworks!

The point is in the embrace, in the kiss, in the closeness!

The point is in love.

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