Never. Nothing. Don’t wait.

Don’t live in fear, because life is too short to hold ourselves back thinking we can’t. Don’t take anything for granted, but live the way you think you should, the way you love. And never, ever expect anything.

Once upon a time, I was tormented by many questions to which I had no answers, so much so that I would neglect everyday life and focus only on how to unravel all the secrets of life as soon as possible.

I allowed myself to isolate myself too much from those who needed me, and at the same time denied myself very important experiences and people who needed me as much as they needed me. I felt that if I came to the answer to why, I would be able to change something in my future and ease the inevitable moments of pain, emptiness, and alienation.

Mortality awareness

Until death shows its face, we very often walk unaware of everything, thinking that we have grasped all the strings and found our unique answers and truths. But no one and nothing can really prepare us for those moments, and the truth is that the question always remains why. This experience of transition from the physical body to the spiritual, etheric, immortal one should supposedly be the normal course of life, we should not be in fear or consider it the end.

I don’t consider it the end of my life, I never have. But, regardless of your beliefs about the future, it is difficult to calm emotions, gather thoughts, and recover the soul after such experiences. It is difficult to understand that we are really so fragile and transient and that in an instant everything we are and everything we have can disappear, and all threads can be broken then.

There is no fear in me of the very act of death, nor of the pain, you feel at certain moments of transition. The question remains why, the fear remains that I will not bring enough life into all these days of my unique journey.

This is what I blamed myself for as I wandered aimlessly for years, the fact that I wasted so much time in the wind, not realizing how important every moment and every opportunity is. I always said to myself I have time for dreams, for exploring myself, for traveling, for love. But is that really so?

We don’t know how much time we have.

We know that we were created to experience the wonderful experience of transformation, to discover all the nuances of ourselves, and to complement each other through life with others, passing from experience to experience. But who can guarantee you that time? Nobody. You can’t buy it with money, you can’t waste 50 years and wave your hand as if it’s completely irrelevant because you still have time.

I know that each of us has the ability to achieve what he wants, if he does not already have the ability, he has the desire, passion, perseverance to open the way to it and make something of himself. But how much are we really working to become what we want to be, what we really are? Do we consider it important for life, or did we allow life to set boundaries for us, put ourselves in that basket “tomorrow I will, I have time”, and follow the arrows blindly along the way?

We should not hesitate to do what we want. In a world where a higher percentage of people do only what they don’t want to, believing that society has imposed it on us. And how did that same society or state fail to impose on those other people to do what they do not want?

The truth is, everyone will believe what they want.

Everyone knows how much they can achieve and whether they will set out on a journey to find themselves. Likewise, each of us has answers to why we don’t do it now, to what extent we allow conformism and fear to affect our future lives and goals.

But let me tell you something. Until we look death in the eye, we are not truly aware, no. We feel we are doing the right thing and we are awake. But the best indicator of awakening is not what we say, write, or think, but what we do every day.

I really stand behind it when I write that we need to train gratitude and truly feel it. Because what we have is so fragile and prone to change throughout life. What we have comes down only to our soul, our mind, our emotions, what we have done to ourselves and others. And what we have does not mean that we will always have and be.

Death should be a challenge, a challenge to live our lives to the fullest.

The challenge is to stop lying to ourselves that we will make changes to our schedule from Monday and dedicate ourselves more to ourselves and our loved ones. We should be encouraged to always do our best because we do not know where our end is.

And when we approach life in such a way that we value and respect each day equally, we will realize that a time we were not aware of before while enjoying laziness, now that we are productive flies faster and faster, and we cannot comprehend or stop that speed. We can only let the currents lead us in the direction we are striving to go, hoping that we will have enough time to express ourselves and make our dreams come true.

First of all, I hope that you are all on the wish list to leave a positive mark. That your life is important to your loved ones or strangers, that you have helped someone and truly lived and been a joy in someone’s darkest, darkest fears and challenges. And when it’s hard, remember how hard it is for those who lost loved ones too soon, remember that you have to live precisely for the sake of those who didn’t have enough time.

After all, we are all here just passing passengers, what imprint we will leave indefinitely is up to us.

We are guaranteed the experience of life and all possible challenges, but we are not guaranteed eternity in physical form. Which, in view of the immortality of the soul, should not be so important to us, but it always is. Because we identify with this shell in which we live and which we call the home of the soul, our bodies.

And when we go beyond, regardless of the fact that it will not mark the end but only a new beginning, it is nice to have peace and know that in this form you did your best to leave a positive mark, even the smallest one. That you did not spend that gift of life just like that, not caring for yourself and others, feeding your soul with the wrong things.

Therefore, even today, and every day from today, without that “tomorrow I will”, hug your neighbors, appreciate them and in moments when you are angry with each other, love each other, and spread joy. And allow yourself to be human, to feel and share everything you have, to open hearts to new experiences and insights.

Don’t live in fear, because life is too short to hold ourselves back thinking we can’t. Don’t take anything for granted, but live the way you think you should, the way you love. And never, ever expect anything.

3 thoughts on “Never. Nothing. Don’t wait.”

  1. This’ll ease are important words at a time when many of us feel like we’re wasting our lives in meaningless jobs. I’ll also leave you with a quote. It’s from Jim Valvano, a basketball coach who was about a month away from dying of cancer, during a speech at an awards show: “To me there are three things everyone should do every day. Number one is laugh. Number two is think — spend some time in thought. Number three, you should have your emotions move you to tears. If you laugh, think and cry, that’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special.”

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