Just let it last!

Because of the decorated christmas tre. And flashing lights. And even because of the sweet Christmas movies.

Because of the glittering city.

Because of the sequins!

The aroma of mulled wine, rum punch, “fritula” and grilled sausages.

Because of St. Nicholas and Santa Claus.

But mostly because of the feeling.

Because of the hope of magic.

Because of the smiling faces.

Because of the excitement in the children’s eyes. 

Because of small miracles that no one else notices!

Because of the atmosphere!

Because of anticipation!

Because of families seeing each other after a long time.

Because of forgotten ugly words. Because of forgiveness.

Because of friends and socializing!

Because of laughter.

Because of the long, inseparable hugs!

Because of the kisses.

Because of an open heart.

Because of the unbreakable bonds of warmth, kindness and gratitude… circulating among us.

There is something magical in this “ho ho” air! Something that makes you want to last!

Just let it last!

Happy end of the year, dear people!

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