Lessons I learned in 2021

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. Everyday ones are more important. But I believe in life lessons. In learning. In an experience.

And if any year has shaken me well, given a lesson, and learned something; then it’s this one.

So, instead of a toast, I lift my middle finger high in the air to her!

And if her point was to teach me a lesson, then I guess the most important one is, about priorities!

She taught me that no matter how hard you try, there will always be people who will not love you.

They won’t!

Sometimes because of a misunderstanding. Sometimes because of prejudices, evil tongues, lies, malicious stories. Maybe because they are so taught. Because it is easier to blame another than to take responsibility!

In fact, if you haven’t knowingly and intentionally hurt someone, the reason they don’t love you isn’t that important either. Because there’s nothing you can do about it.

And you can turn around in bed, not sleep at night and ask where you went wrong. What you did wrong or said. Is it something taken out of context? So you can try to prove everything over and over again, remind them of who you really are. How much do you care and… to make mistakes.

Hope. So be disappointed again.

Spend on someone you can’t convince. You can give him your whole self. You can be the most careful. The most generous. The kindest. You can vibrate in his company and be the best version of yourself. Jump on the hop.

Priorities ??!

If someone doesn’t see, everything you were and what you are, if you have to pay attention to every movement, every word spoken, if you can’t be you… the true you… And good and cheerful and quick in words and sad and silent and the one who allowed to make mistakes. Who will not take it for evil… if you are not “allowed”, what he is. If only you try, and on the other hand you come across a wall li is it worth it?

This year has taught me that I need to learn to give up.

She taught me that life is short. That we do not take for granted the people we love and who love us. It’s like he’ll be here tomorrow. Because maybe not.

She taught me that every moment I tried to prove to someone that I wasn’t, but I really wasn’t “what” they think I was, was a moment less with those who knew and loved me.

She taught me that you never know when you last see someone. That death is not announced.

She taught me that lost time cannot be regained. Maybe I should have been more present, hugged more often, loved more. More to say I love. That I care.

She taught me that time invested in people is important. And be careful who I spend it on.

She taught me to give to those who deserve it. Who sees me as I am. Sarcastic. Cynical. Weeping. Curious. Talkative. Smiling. Sad. Euphoric. Enthusiastic. Sensitive. Withdrawn. Open. Jaku. Crazy. I swear. Forgetful. Interesting. Annoying. Nervous. Calm down. With all its contrasts. And… they are still there.

She taught me that when it’s hardest, you see most clearly.

She taught me that someone doesn’t have to be close to you to be close.

She taught me not to hold back tears. That you have to cry.

That some losses are never overcome. That time does not heal all wounds.

She taught me to appreciate everything and who I have. To see that I have a lot and that I never take it for granted.

She taught me that it is good to have a child in you. To dream, to desire fervently, and to love unconditionally. Laugh out loud. Look forward to the little things.

She taught me to take risks. To seize the opportunity, when it is in front of me. And just then I give my best.

Not to be afraid!

She taught me to see that I could do more. Not to be underestimated.

She taught me that sometimes you need to put yourself first.

She taught me to be strong!

But that I have a right to be weak too.

Most importantly, she taught me not to waste time. To say today that I love. Let me hug today. To kiss today. Let me dare today!

To act on important, but really important things, I act as if there is no tomorrow!

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