Real New Year’s wishes

In the New Year, I will not wish you clichés like happiness, love, peace. I wish you courage and readiness to face every adversity that comes your way in life.

I want you to be sober and aware when you get fired if your boss hired someone similar if you didn’t suit him because you’re currently pregnant so he considers you unnecessary.

I want you to look him straight in the eye because you are aware that it is enough for a white, heterosexual man in a position of power to take credit for your good ideas and realized projects. With your head held high, you will accept dismissal because, in the New Year, new opportunities and challenges await you, in which you will unwaveringly show all the splendor of your knowledge, talent, effort, diligence, and readiness to work in crisis situations. Remember well, your company is at a loss, not you.

I want all my versatile entrepreneurs to finally dare and start their own craft or business. Surely there are more people around you who are hampered by the system and such men and women who are ideal to help realize your ideas and projects. You have nothing to lose, and in ten or twenty years you will wonder what it would be like if it were.

So now take action and a new beginning, because who does not take risks, heaven does not profit. I want you to set aside time for new hobbies and activities that will fill your spirit. It can be gym, fitness, dancing, boxing, karate, yoga, swimming, and don’t care what others say.


To all women who are not yet ready, I say they have a right to wait, to think, to doubt. But that’s why they can tell a special person right now that it’s infinite, unconditional, and the way they know, love. That they want to be there. In the New Year, I do not wish you a perfect wedding with beautiful decorations, Sherri Hill wedding dress. impeccable catering, a song that opens the first dance and opens tears to everyone’s eyes.

In the New Year, I want a partner who will be with you at the time of miscarriage, who will shave your head at the time of chemotherapy and tell you how beautiful you are, a partner with whom you can comb all the topics length and breadth. In the New Year, I want you to be an independent couple without the involvement of neighbors, relatives, and on-duty pastors. I want you to reach out to him/her if he/she falls, and he/she gets up and does the same for you.

For all those looking for a partner

I want you to slow down a bit and stand in front of a mirror every day in the New Year and notice at least one detail that makes you special. I want you to accept every compliment and praise and to rise a little and fly through the blackness of a cruel life. I want you to listen and insult but understand who told you that.

Honey, there are a lot of jealous people who can’t stand your passion for life and it bothers them. Don’t run after men, let him find you and show you how much he really wants to meet you and how much he wants you to align. Be spontaneous and independent. Do not be afraid of disappointment, because that is the most valuable lesson that life will give you. Fall in love with life, with a gesture, with movement, with kindness, with flirting, with a smile, with help. Those little things are life itself.


In the New Year, I want you to know who your real friends are, who were with you in good times and bad, who did not run away when it hurt. Who listened, even though they couldn’t give the right advice. Who pulled you out of your mud. I want you to let go of those who associate with you for good, who mock your mistakes with others and make fun of you.

They are there because they have no one else, and your naive heart has reluctantly accepted them. And you have the right to get rid of toxic people who harm you. So let them go, in the New Year, give yourself the opportunity to meet new positive, enthusiastic, determined acquaintances who can become your friends over time.

In the New Year, I wish you a lot of challenges and tests that I am convinced you will pass successfully. I wish you many decisions that will transform your life. In the New Year, I wish you a catharsis that will cleanse you of toxic people and toxic events. If complete catharsis does not happen, the beginning will happen. After that, you will be spiritually and emotionally healthy for every new beginning, for every temptation, for every text.

I wish you the happiest of new years, my darlings!

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