Just insignificant!

You can be a bitch.
Cold face. No emotion. Wrinkles from laughing at others. Strong and powerful. On top of the world. Heels on other people’s faces.
You can!

You can be a hag.
Ask the mirrors who is the most beautiful in the world. Giggle viciously and loudly. Give orders to take out hearts, toasting elegantly with a glass of sparkling wine.
You can.

You can attract the naive, with a house of marshmallows and sweets. The windows made of Nutella. Sweet-talking lies. And then beat them. Put them in cages.
“Across the corpses to the stars!”
You can.

You can also be a bad wolf. Blow, blow and blow…. what and who bothers you. Because he found himself on the road. Or not. Maybe you just like that. Because it makes you happy.
You can.

But you can also remember how mirrors chose another.
How the hag ended up in the furnace and the wolf in the well.
As he often wins, the one who is given the least chance.
Like putting your feet so others can stumble, it sometimes motivates people as they fall.

So while you’re still laughing triumphantly, they get up. Clean the dust off your hands, slapping your palm firmly. They blew in one hand. And in the other. And off they go.
Quickly. Faster. That you can’t catch them with your eyes.

Leaving you so much behind, that you don’t even have a bad memory left!
Just insignificant!

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