Women’s violence against other women – there is nothing worse

I am still offended by the ease with which a woman spits at another woman. We are becoming a herd of wild, disheveled, tongue-tied, unjust, and insensitive clusters of cells!

Where is the missing culture, upbringing, respect, understanding, and the ordinary, the most ordinary human need for community and respect?

How do you manage to be so empty and miserable, that you feel good after you write to an unknown woman that she is stupid or ugly?

How do you manage to crush humanity so much that you are not ashamed to be unreasonably disgusted with an unknown woman who has succumbed because she is emotionally exhausted, sick, raped, poor, beaten, sad, confused, scared, emaciated or chubby?

How can you look in the mirror after writing something ugly to a woman you don’t even know?

I know how you can! You find an excuse to cover up your rudeness!

We live in an era where we have created thousands of excuses, so that we can be as vermin as possible!

The Internet has added the ability to hide our heads and show our “asses” and that is why the world is now full of female “asses” without heads. We are not ashamed of anything and we do not hesitate to like, impose and show something that we are not. As we talk about our rights, we are trampling on our human and female dignity.

Are we underpaid?

Yes, we are!

Because we agree to it!

Do we have to give birth?

No, we don’t have to if we don’t want to!

Women who fight to ban abortion commit a special kind of social violence against themselves and other women.

Do we have to cook and tidy up?

We don’t have to if we don’t want to!

We choose everything ourselves

Each of us can do what she wants and she doesn’t have to do what she doesn’t want!

Each of us makes decisions for ourselves, but many of us do not have the courage to do so, so we let the environment decide for us.

It’s easier that way, but it makes us gossipy and frustrated.

If a woman is a housewife, the other woman will belittle her first and add the adjective “ordinary”, only to elevate herself who is not.

If a woman is beaten or raped, many women will tell her:

You’re stupid! What were you doing with him?

If she is successful in business, her success will be diminished by empty and unsuccessful women.

If she is unmarried, others will be happy to isolate and belittle her.

Women’s violence against women is the most disgusting type of violence!

4 thoughts on “Women’s violence against other women – there is nothing worse”

  1. “We live in an era where we have created thousands of excuses so that we can be as vermin as possible!” I agree we have done that, unfortunately! I wish more people would remember that there is a HUMAN behind every interaction they see on social media, blog posts, etc. I think as a whole we have lost a lot of our humanity.

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