How do you make decisions?

When you make a decision out of fear, fear greets you. Likewise, when you choose a decision out of love, you must be greeted by love.

Because basically there are only those two basic directions. Love and fear. Either we do something out of love or out of fear. There is no third.

And what you bring in will welcome you. It cannot be otherwise, because it is the Universal Law. Energy makes its own, similar attracts similar.

And as you struggle with the consequences, sometimes you forget the cause. The vibration you’re on, it comes back to you. There is no condemnation, good or bad. Only frequency, energy, vibration.
While you are afraid, you are on a low vibration. And she brings you more people, circumstances, and events that match her.

However, the good news is that you can change that. Whenever you decide to raise your energy to a higher level. And accordingly, the world around you will change.

Choose wisely

So choose wisely, choose boldly. Choose from the position of intuition, soul, and Higher Self. Choose to make decisions that would be made by a person who loves and respects himself, who knows Who he is and how much he is worth. And which does not agree to less.

Choose with all your heart, from that feeling when you simply know that it is the best possible decision you can make. And when you can’t imagine not doing so. Choose consciously and do not allow anything external to frustrate you.

Trust yourself, your Intuition because you know best what is best for you. By feeling you know it and don’t let anyone dissuade you.

Because only you live with yourself 24 hours a day, there are only companions left.

never make decisions out of fear

Don’t make decisions out of fear, because it will be on your heels. You are already making decisions from a higher level, with Faith and Hope, above all trusting your inner voice. And don’t make excuses for yourself to anyone. Just keep going. Guided by wisdom, follow that feeling. Listen silently and be your own best guide. Which is guided from a Higher level of yourself. And then there is no fear.

Only Faith for yourself. That everything happens along the way for your greatest good. And that everything will work out the best for you.

Because it will.

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