He is not a man, he is cattle!

You love sincerely and quietly. You selflessly offer a whole range of tender emotions and two and a half packs of patience. You do not question, you do not condition, you do not demand. You love to heaven and back, so once again so much. You love a cattle that has a wife, which he does not love!

He is with her only because of a dog that is old and emotionally unstable, so his departure would destroy him. Or because of a house mouse that is used to it and would be disappointed not to see it. By the way, however, he sometimes f*cks his wife, whom he doesn’t love, but just out of pity.

He admits it to you because he is honest with you! He loves you but fucks another, that is, the first because you are the second.

Cattle has the talent to convince you that it has nothing to do with love. He only loves you and only fantasizes about you, be carefree! And yes, be patient! Wait, have understanding, and don’t shake! He is a victim because he fucks his legitimacy there, which he doesn’t like, but he only fantasizes about you and only about you!

Don’t be ungrateful!

He is a whole hero because while he is fucking the other one out of courtesy, he has you in front of his eyes! Be proud of yourself, because you were chosen by one such handsome specimen of homo sapiens, to be the object of his worship.

Don’t press him and don’t be sad when he comes to you. Appreciate his sacrifice and know that it is by no means easy for him.

And you, Little One?!

While he spends the holidays, the New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Eid, and feasts with the one he doesn’t love, you sit at home alone and tremble and convince yourself that you have to be patient and wait. Wait for that emotional dog or unbalanced mouse to stretch its folders. Wait for his children to grow up or for the earthworm to blink, so that he rushes to you. Wait for the stars to set and for trees to bear plums in February. Waiting for his wife, whom he supposedly doesn’t love, to stop loving him, because it will be easier for him to leave her.

An attentive man, really!

While he sleeps at home, eats, lives, hangs out, fucks, cares for his children, dog, mouse, and earthworms, you Little one are patiently waiting for him in your corner of this fucking galaxy because if you run only to the pharmacy, he can at that very moment come.

If you go out for coffee with your friends, he could just then seize the opportunity to do you an honor and show up. Fuck, he came to you as Our Lady! It appears and while you blink, she is gone, as is him.

You are left alone again and numb with love. Wrapped in his cloak woven of unfulfilled promises, manipulation, slimy self-pity, and hollow hopes. Village grandmothers whisper behind your back that you are a whore, local guys make fun of you, and you still love sincerely and deeply that slimy creature who convinced you that he is worthy of love.

Little one… You are the one who throws her last coin into the well of desires, squints as she kisses you, cries over sad movies, and hides under a blanket when it thunders. Love is sacred to you, and for his kiss, you give all the treasures of the world. Because of love and in her name, nothing is difficult for you and you do not look at the price you pay.

Little one, you are a lady who loves an asshole par excellence!

Your love is pure, even though it sounds dirty. Your heart is an organ that has deviated from reason and that’s why the guy managed to get his balls under your kidneys. He used that brief moment of inattention to turn you into a whore. His private, own whore who loves deeply and sincerely. A whore who understands, satisfies, pampers, nurtures the ego, and trembles balls.
For Free!

And not only does it cost him nothing, but it is still profitable because it warms your heart and empties his balls. He doesn’t give two f*cks for your love and crushed soul. He doesn’t care for your lonely years and the tears you secretly water your breasts with.

Little one, he doesn’t care about you, he only cares for himself! Do you realize that he prefers earthworms to you ?! Tell me that you did, Little one!? Everyone understands that except you!

A man who loves does not hurt! He is there and only yours! He doesn’t fuck another, because you’re the only one enough for him.

A man who loves, he respects!

A man who is not free will not be with you until he can give you everything you deserve. A man will never ask you to have an understanding for fucking someone else out of need or courtesy, nor will he expect you to sit at home and wait for years for him to live life to the fullest. A man is a noble being, whose love is healing, warm, protective, and full of respect.

What you love, it’s not a man it’s cattle!

Cattle, Little One !!

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