Nurture your authenticity

In your freedom, don’t let others try to change you just because they are envious of your opportunities. Follow your instinct and don’t be afraid of change, don’t be afraid of life. Allow yourself to develop and your potential to expand. If you’re good at one job and you get a chance at another, why not squander on both fronts? And who says you can’t? It can be as long as your passion and love for the same jobs is burning.

The truth is that your path will not be easy, that you will encounter vague collaborators, a million non-answers, attempts at fraud, betrayal. But don’t give up, don’t stop being an inspiration because many girls see you as an example and role model.

Trends are changing, coming and going. Marketing is relentlessly imposing new products that are indispensable for you to shine this season and to be the most beautiful thanks to these new boots or new hyaluronic cream.

They are trying to kill the power of reasoning, logical reasoning and turn us into photoshopped clones and copies from Instagram. Every woman enjoys buying new clothes, changing her hairstyle, refreshing a spa or beauty treatment, going to the gym, but all this should be motivated by self-love and adapting to her own body and face.

Details that only you have

We are built differently and the new jacket will not suit girls with pronounced curves or tall girls of model build, the same cream will not suit all skin types. Why are they trying so hard to kill our diversity, to kill styles and all the gorgeous palettes of expression?

You are special just because of your mole on the left side of your lip, you are special just because of your ice blue eyes, you are special just because of the sweet combination of natural red hair and freckles. You are special because of your virtuoso violin playing, you are special because you speak several languages ​​and translate well, you are special because you nurtured the skill of crocheting and maybe that’s what made you a business. Each of us has an originality that flows under our skin, each of us has the power and ability to show all our talent, potential.

I shout at marketing and capitalism: let us express ourselves, let us simply be and choose! You are suffocating our choice. Many women who loved rock music, darker style of dressing you declared emo lunatics or misunderstood lesbians. You keep giving us tips on how to fit in. And what if we don’t want to fit in? What if we don’t want to be slaves to patriarchal capitalism? What if we buy a piece of second-hand clothing instead of Zara’s latest coat?

Maybe this girl will cause more wow effect because she wears her second-hand piece with that x-factor that you, marketing experts, talk about so much, and you have no idea that its essence is in personal details.

Be your own until the end

Your versatility, your charm, and your passion for life are priceless. No one can sell, buy, impose that. So if you’re a graceful ballet dancer, don’t give up on it, just because Twerking or lap dancing is now required. if someone tells you that your paintings are vague, take that as a compliment and remember artists who defied imposed rules like Van Gogh or the phenomenal and unrepeatable Frida Kahlo who turned her pain into pure art. Remember the unique diva Helena Bonham Carter whose every movement and movie is authentic. Be your own until the end.

The world is saturated with copies of women who recently came out of a reality show, performed several aesthetic interventions, and started traveling the world and collecting likes on Instagram. They joined the already mentioned marketing experts and started selling products on their posts. What they will gain is short-term fame that will fade as authenticity and true art lives on in the legacy for years after their deaths. Courage, perseverance, and positive audacity can take you far.

You will gain respect because you are your own because you are not enslaved to trends and you do not allow someone to determine when you will buy something. Because you are the creator of your own life, your own adventure in which you are free, in which you fly while everyone admires the ease of your existence.

P.S. This text is also dedicated to all the creative, talented women I have had the opportunity to meet doing this. Thank you for being steadfast and your own!

2 thoughts on “Nurture your authenticity”

  1. Love this! People, women in particular, spend too much time conforming to make their existence easier for others to deal with. I am raising a girl that I want to be unapologetically herself in every way. She’s bold and sweet and just such a unique spirit and I don’t want that to ever die. I particularly love the phrase, “gorgeous palettes of expression.” It sums up all shades of who we are.


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