How to recognize a neurotic connection?

Famous Russian psychologist on the most unhealthy type of relationship: If the relationship does not suit you for any reason, it can already be characterized as unhealthy. 

Russian psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky reveals how to recognize such a connection:

“When you love someone, they can have a million flaws or be a complete jerk, that doesn’t change the fact that you love them. But for a healthy relationship, the most important thing is to love everything about your partner. A better option is when you both have the same flaw because then it can’t bother you.

But, if things go wrong, and you suffer because of it, you suffer, we are talking about neurosis. This is the most unhealthy type of relationship.

If you tell your wife that something is bothering you and he doesn’t do anything about it, there is rarely any help. You have two options – either to accept it or to leave.

A neurotic connection can also succeed, but it is important that in this case, your neuroses match. Everything else is doomed in the form of a breakup or illness of one of the partners after years of suffering. That definitely happens, then, ”concludes the famous psychologist.

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