An intelligent woman does not draw, she crosses you

I was surprised by that female spite. Harder than stone, bigger than a mountain, more durable than perseverance. Their stubbornness mostly awoke after the disappointment and then they buried you. No matter how much you call them, they will consider you dead. Whatever you do, you will not be able to be the same in their eyes, their head, and their heart. It will erase you as if you never even existed, and you were the meaning of her existence.

True, people are not small letters on paper to erase them with an eraser, but because of that, some people are big garbage. And it is well known where such a place belongs. In the trash.

You get rid of them and you feel relieved. You breathe easier. It never occurs to you to repeat an identical mistake over and over again. You enjoy the loneliness you’ve been running away from for years, saying loneliness is hell.

On the contrary, some people are hell. Being alone is not a shame. Being with anyone, it already is.

Precisely for the reasons mentioned, it is dangerous to disappoint a woman.

It will seem to you that she has been turned into a monster, an insensitive monster, repulsive untouchability – which is wrong. She can love. It can offer unconditional love. Invest the last atom of strength. Only, it won’t. She will accept whoever does the same for her.

Loneliness is a choice, not a must

If men could peek into a woman’s head, at least briefly, they would see that women are almost never what they present themselves to be. It may seem at first glance that they are just their own, pushing away anyone who approaches them and that they have no need to bond. But it’s just a trap. They have a huge need, just not with anyone. They do not mind loneliness, they have learned to survive without anyone’s help.

They have also learned to wait for people like them since their suitcase is full of different and greedy people. Only when you get close enough to that woman, if she lets you, will you see her real face. Until then, you know nothing but her name and appearance. It’s completely different inside. More beautiful and valuable. Pure and uncorrupted.

If you get to that part of her, well disguised, consider yourself a success. It will belong to you with its whole being. Although, it is not easy at all. One has to put in a lot of effort to get to the most hidden female chambers. Special women are not conquered overnight. Especially not through false promises.

Once you gain the last gram of her attention, you will be able to look after and guard her. He will love you like no one before. Because that’s all it’s called happiness. Everything else is a passing adventure, which real ladies do not take lightly.

1 thought on “An intelligent woman does not draw, she crosses you”

  1. Us women, we were built to be comfortable to be alone. We are the ones that help others, and we are also the only ones that help ourselves.
    Despite this, not everyone suffers to be alone. Most of the time is what we all need from time to time.
    We are so vulnerable inside but so beautiful at the same time. So powerful, yet fragile.
    I loved this piece; actually described how I transformed into the woman that I am today since my last heartbreak.

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