Promise yourself to be a warrior, to the last breath…

Promise yourself that you will expose all the silences that you keep silent in the depths of your being. Promise yourself that you will not let them hinder you on the way to the light, that you will not distort your good image of yourself.

Promise yourself that in the coming days you will have much more patience with yourself, that you will not bite because you did not do everything as you imagined. Promise yourself that you will believe in divine providence and try to be grateful for all the bad things that missed you, and you thought it was not fair because it did not come your way.

Promise yourself that you will still practice gratitude every day because you have much more than those who fight for a bare life have. That you will no longer take anyone for granted, especially yourself and your health.

Promise yourself, you will no longer walk on the edge of life

Not because you’re scared, but because you realize how absurd it is to play with what’s given to you from the heart, and you know you should make the most of it by being aware of bad people, dark lessons, and cramped hearts.

Promise yourself that from now on, you will look at the world without pink glasses, not because you do not believe in optimism, but because you need to learn and find in reality what is positive, what will keep you hopeful, that it still lingers deep inside you.

People are very often naughty, people are very often weird and selfish. But, you still try to understand them, try not to become one of them, show them that you can do it differently.

Don’t use their bad words and actions as an excuse for your anger by repaying them for what they did.

On the contrary, say thank you to them for everything they did not do, and in fact they did everything. They showed you where you don’t belong, they showed you how strong you are and that you can’t be disappointed that you gave someone complete trust and stayed short-handed.

Give them unreservedly yourself and your time, no matter how meaningless it may seem to you in this cruel world. Trust me, your cheek will always shine because you will know that you have tried everything in your power, you will know that you have given yourself, and you will not scold when you do not get something in return.

Promise yourself joy

Promise yourself that these days will be filled more with laughter and hope than with sadness and gloomy thoughts. That you will be your greatest support to yourself, and that you will always push yourself forward, no matter how many moments you spend on the fear that you are not capable enough.

Promise yourself that you will accept that you are as you are more than good enough, that you are as you are great because you are authentic and your own. Don’t let others change you because you don’t go down their hair and you don’t fit into their vision. Don’t let others tell you that your dreams are too small or too big and that you are not a good enough player. Also, don’t be that person to others who will ruin their faith, hope, and self-confidence, if you ever get what you want, remember that you yourself had bloody and not very great beginnings.

Remember that we are equal, no matter what religion, gender, skin color, sexual orientation we were.

Before Him, we are all woven from the same, we are all created to be equal and to share life successfully and together. Do not point your finger at what you do not approve of, nor judge other people’s choices and desires, so that you will not be judged.

Remember that you need to remain humble, both when you are praised and when you are rebuked. Remember that your greatness is reflected in how you behave when you are at the bottom and how you behave when you are at the top.

Promise yourself that you will not stand out in the mass of the negative, but the positive ones. Be the reason for someone’s smile and return hope to their hearts. Be the one who will prove that there are still humble, cheerful, and normal people. Be the one who will always be happy to help, who will move away from selfishness and conformism in order to give something to someone and do good.

Promise yourself that you will spend less time closed in on yourself and share more with others

Even when it’s hardest, know that your words will be a necessary consolation to someone and wind in your back. Do not be afraid that they will misinterpret you, because everything guided by the heart cannot meet with a bad response and reaction.

Promise yourself that with everything you share with others, you will still find time for yourself to recharge your batteries and be able to continue on a journey called life. Promise yourself that you will listen to all your needs, that you will know when to move away and how much you need to get back on the front lines of life.

Promise yourself that you will not fear for what has not yet come, and it does not have to come. You don’t want to waste precious time in moments of fear and sadness, over something so unrealistic and potentially impossible to happen.

Promise yourself that you will focus your energy on good people and good deeds. That you will not allow yourself to walk the line of least resistance through life, that you will always be guided by your inner voice and take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.

Promise yourself that in the darkness you will see a ray of light

That you will allow yourself to cry in bad times, allow yourself doubt and weakness. Only after tears will you see through and find new strength to wrestle with the consequences of losing.

And it’s okay to accept all your nuances, allow yourself to be just people when trouble grips us. It is okay to be a lone wolf in those days, to determine our illness and recovery until we are ready to spread our arms again. Dictate your own pace, don’t let others tell you how much you need to come, how much is too little and how much is too much.

He does not carry other people’s delusions, nor other people’s expectations in himself. Don’t be what they expect from you, be what you know you are. Don’t let them sew up your fears. Don’t let them spoil your heart and your rhythm after betrayal, stop believing in good people and miracles.

Good people still exist, and it’s a miracle enough to step boldly forward, aware that you’re going to run into good people again somewhere again. Promise yourself that you will, no less, be who you are at all times, even when you are not sure if it is all worth it.

Of course, it pays to be you, of course, no one else should tell you how to be you. Promise yourself that you will truly love and appreciate yourself first. Only when you love yourself do you know that you are ready to share your love unselfishly.

And when you give, give from the heart, love to the board, to the last breath

Equally quick and firm forgiveness to all whom you did not want to forgive. Forgive them, so that one day you can forgive yourself. It is necessary if you want to step forward unburdened and fulfilled if you want to grow and accept that this fall was inevitable.

He looks forward to life, he looks forward to discovering himself in order to discover the environment every day and look at them with new eyes. Promise yourself, you will never intentionally hurt yourself again, nor allow others to extinguish the glow in your eye.

Promise yourself that you will always shine, and you will be a beacon to whom all others will come in the hope of helping them and giving them that little light they need so that they can travel the world further.

Choose yourself, choose tenderness, love, hope, growth, and life. Love every part of yourself, love every page of your life, and do your best to write them all down as only you know.

Promise yourself, until your last breath, that you will be a warrior, a warrior with a soft heart, the one who is seemingly small and actually big because you will pave the way for others, the path to hope. A warrior on the front lines, no less and no more. One who is not afraid of life and who is not afraid to reveal his secrets so that others can enjoy the joy.

Promise yourself you won’t agree to less.

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