No narcissist is strong enough to destroy a woman’s strength!

Every woman can wake up from the nightmare of life with a narcissist and realize that his lies and manipulations make no sense. Every woman can come out of this hell with precious life-saving lessons. We often write about narcissists and their methods that surprise us every time and are so skillful and dangerous that they can lead any woman to doubt her own self-confidence and identity all the way to anxiety and depression. This time from one true example.

He is a stocky, striking, tall man whom everyone admires for his outward beauty. Everyone is speechless when he enters the room because he has the aura of a conqueror. He is aware of this and his power, he is ready to use all the trump cards to his advantage, but he also wants to hurt others. His target was an extremely beautiful woman who is charismatic, very intelligent, ambitious, creative with a lot of potential and talents yet to be realized.

Unlike him, she had a firm character and a pure heart, while his soul was corrupt so that anyone’s success could surpass his vanity and ego. At first, he treated her like a queen, he was very careful, gentle, his manners were impeccable. He gave her a lot of false love. He pampered her and assured her that she deserved it all. The girl then suspected for the first time that this fairy tale could not be realistic. Unfortunately, she was right.

From roses to books

He started giving her “well-meaning advice” to help her become a better version of herself. He assured her that red lipstick did not suit her porcelain complexion and divinely beautiful hair. She listened to him.

He started giving her book recommendations to enrich his vocabulary. In fact, envy was behind that recommendation because his education was not nearly as good as hers. He planted her foot on her every step towards progress.

To make her dreams come true. desire and ambition. And it worked for him. Her energy slowly began to fade. Sometimes she would get involved in discussions in which she tried to justify herself and find motives for his rudeness. However, he ignored it. He didn’t hear. He didn’t listen. On the contrary. he did his best to show how strong his dominance over her was. And it all hurt terribly. Her pain strengthened his ego and gave him the motivation to be even worse, to humiliate and defeat her in every attempt she made and finally convince him that he was her savior.

Her relatives were worried about her but did not comment excessively because they believed she would understand what it was all about. And so it was. She assessed his illness and left him. At that moment, she got rid of the burden. He was angry and furious and demanded that she explain to him what she was missing. How dare he object?

So is she even aware that any girl would sell her soul to the devil just to be with him? He can have any, and she should be grateful to God and the Universe for paying attention to her. So what others will say, everyone considers them the perfect couple.

It’s enough!

She decided not to turn off her light to accommodate his egocentric darkness. So much was waiting for her. So many opportunities and she wanted to use each one, to enrich her life and to change other lives with her spiritual beauty. This has come true because she is now on her way to becoming one of the most successful leaders in her business.

I responsibly claim that this girl was born to be the first and every time I talk to her, it surprises me how much quality emanates from her. She did not allow the manipulator to slowly restrain her as she read his ill intentions of destroying her identity.

But he is actually miserable and powerless. His words have no cover. His plans fall apart. All that remains is the injury due to the fact that someone who was supposed to be a victim, became a heroine and a winner.

Every woman can do this

Although there are various daffodils and all experiences are individual, through the examples of others we can learn how not to fall into the Narcissus trap. People often say that even the worst enemy would not want a love affair with a narcissist. And this should be understood as a serious warning to evaluate all lies, all psychological games, all kinds of manipulations and say stop.

Let’s ignore the objections about the look and say if I don’t like you like this, feel free to go! Ta, who are you to try to change me and determine what is best for me.? It is not your God-given right, as you think. It is indeed possible to overthrow daffodils from the throne and bring them down into the pit to sink in their miserable vanity and selfishness. We continue to shine and win.

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