They will tell you it’s impossible

They will tell you it’s impossible. Because they don’t believe it’s possible. He’ll tell you it’s impossible. Because they never dared to come true.

They will tell you you better not even try. Because they were disappointed in their attempts. Or maybe they haven’t even tried…

And whatever they tell you has nothing to do with you.

It’s just a view from their point of view. A reflection of their thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. And above all fears. Accumulated pain and missed, and even more missed opportunities…

So don’t take it for granted. And don’t take it to heart.
Because it has nothing to do with you.

What guides you from within is best for you. That special, sublime feeling… That’s it. And that’s right for you, and it doesn’t have to be for anyone around you.

So don’t make excuses. Don’t convince anyone. Just let go and do your thing. Your results will speak for you. Louder than anything else.

Go and don’t be afraid.

If it is meant for you, it will come true. If you are destined, they will find you.

Just keep going. And enjoy every step. As if it had already happened. It’s like it’s there and it’s completely tangible…

Go and rejoice. Don’t let anything take away the gleam in your eyes. Passion in the heart and enthusiasm in the chest.

Because it’s you! That is how it is meant to live. Good luck and fulfilled. And rejoice every day. Live it with teary eyes of gratitude. And fall asleep with a wide smile and a heart full of grace.

I wish you so much happiness and joy! And not to agree on the way to anything less than you deserve to live. I wish you everything you dare not believe exists. And there is.

And it’s waiting for you to move.

And dare to believe.

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