Can you recognize? The main signs of someone’s high and low vibration

There are things you can do to amplify your vibration, but first you need to figure out what its current level is. Here are the main signs of high and low vibration.

Signs indicating high vibration

1. You have a high level of empathy.

2. You often feel grateful for everything you have, for the people and experiences in your life.

3. Live in the present moment, instead of obsessively thinking about the past and worrying about the future.

4. You have a fairly stable mood, you are an emotionally balanced person.

5. You are disciplined and almost always complete your tasks and achieve the set goals.

6. You are a caring person, you can nurture yourself and others (without draining your own resources in the process).

7. You are very creative and often full of exciting inspiration.

8. You are in tune with your body and know what it needs – in terms of food, rest, exercise, and care.

9. You can release transient interference (especially if it relates to factors beyond your control).

10. You maintain a good sense of humor and laugh often because you know you shouldn’t take life too seriously.

11. You do not accumulate material goods and you know when it is necessary to get rid of things that create clutter in your space.

12. You have a true sense of purpose and believe you have found your life vocation.

13. People open up to you spontaneously because they think you are reliable and sensitive.

14. You can forgive other people for their mistakes and you can forgive yourself.

15. Your body is in good shape, you are healthy and vital.

Signs indicating low vibration

1. It’s hard for you to see the beauty in life, even when other people emphasize things that inspire them.

2. You feel like you don’t have the right direction – you’re stuck in one place and you feel paralyzed when you think about what you’re going to do next.

3. Spend a lot of time lamenting.

4. You try to suppress a lot of poisonous feelings such as jealousy, bitterness, and resentment, but you have a feeling that these feelings are destroying you.

5. Argue and quarrel with others.

6. Even though you are convinced that everything is fine with you physically, you are always tired and do not feel rested (even after a full night’s sleep).

7. You don’t know what you want out of your life or what your main goals are.

8. You always feel guilty about something, and it’s almost like you’re looking for a reason to feel guilty.

9. They could describe themselves as a cynical person.

10. You tend to think of yourself as the center of the universe, you rarely think about how your actions affect others.

11. You have a lot of bad habits and you want to change that, but it seems like you will never get rid of them.

12. You are physically in bad shape and do not have the energy to do regular training and play sports.

13. Your mind always finds the negative sides of any potential plan or proposal and it is very difficult for you to see the positive side.

14. You tend to draw on other people’s resources, you constantly need more than others.

15. It is hard to forgive, whether it is about others or about yourself.

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