Are you talking to yourself?

Scientists have come to the conclusion that people who talk to themselves are geniuses. These are the reasons!

I talk to myself a lot. That way I concentrate better, focus better on my work, and with that chatter, I get some brilliant ideas; and more importantly, I think I do better.

For example, right now, as I type this, I’m constantly muttering something to myself.

Are you talking to yourself?

You shouldn’t be embarrassed to admit it because science has discovered that people who talk to themselves are actually geniuses… and not crazy!

Research background

Psychologist – researcher Gary Lupyan conducted an experiment in which 20 volunteers participated. They were asked to memorize the items displayed in the supermarket.

Half were told to repeat the name of the item, for example, a banana, while the other half said nothing. In the end, the result showed that people who uttered the name of an object found objects faster than those who were silent.

“I often mumble something to myself when I’m looking for something in the fridge or on supermarket shelves,” Gary Lupyan said. That personal experience actually prompted him to do this experiment.

Lupyan and psychologist Daniel Swigley came to the conclusion that people who talk to themselves are geniuses. Here are the reasons:

Stimulates your memory

When you talk to yourself, your sensory mechanism is activated.

Easier to remember because you can visualize that word and then act accordingly.

It helps to stay focused

When you talk out loud, you stay focused on your task, and that helps you recognize those things right away. Of course, this only helps if you know what the item you are looking for looks like.

For example, a banana is yellow and you know what a banana looks like. So when you say banana, your brain immediately creates an image in your mind. But if you don’t know what a banana looks like, the effect is lacking.

It helps to clear your mind

Each of us has different kinds of thoughts. Most make sense and the rest don’t. Suppose you are angry at someone and feel like you could kill that person. Because of a thing like this, you’re not going to run to your therapist right away, are you?

No, you will lock yourself in a room and talk to yourself. That way you will get rid of the anger and you will gradually calm down. It’s a stupid thought you can’t share with someone else.

Psychologist Linda Sapadin said, “Talking to yourself helps you clear your mind, understand what’s important, and reinforce the decisions you’re thinking about.”

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