How our lack of empathy turned us into homeless zombies

Yesterday afternoon my husband sent me a photo of an old railway tunnel, surrounded by green arches, where a thicket of bushes and trees intertwined. And so three kilometers in length.

Tunnel of love!

It is considered one of the most romantic places in the world, and according to legend, couples who pass through it, holding hands, all wishes come true.

It looks really magical. Positively. I call…


It is in Ukraine.

It’s too late to go now!

I wrote briefly.

Maybe when it’s all over.

He replied.

I was kind of empty. I just felt nauseous.

Not because I will never see that tunnel. Because I probably never would without war.

It bothers me when I think that nowadays, sirens are sounding and bombs are falling. I’m sick of it because somehow naively I think we’ve evolved. They have grown. They rose above it.

And we didn’t.

I’m also sick of “so what” comments;

So what; there are also shootings in Syria. 

So what; children are dying in Palestine as well.

So what; Zelensky is an American puppet.

So what; they themselves chose to be the cannon fodder of the West, in the fight against Putin.

So what; there was shooting in our country as well. No one helped us.

I am sick because none of this justifies violence, murder, persecution. 

I was 5 when the war started. I also remember grenades and burning buildings, cars and alarms, and explosions. I also remember how they shot at us, every time they brought us water in cisterns, and while we were standing in lines with buckets. I remember months without electricity and on the mold of a stinking shelter. I remember a small, black square speaker, my grandfather’s old radio, for picking up a signal strapped to the shelter door. I remember my mothers’ tears when Vukovar fell. And the horrible torment as it lasted. 

It makes me sick when I just remember and don’t want it to anyone. Not a Palestinian, not a Syrian, not a Russian, not a Ukrainian.

I’m sick of “mainstream media” lies and both Western and Eastern propaganda. 

I’m sick of the “it’s NATO’s fault for everything” propaganda.

What if they incite, if they both make money on you, me, all of us? Then where is the lie and where is the truth?

I’m sick because you think that only yours are right, and everyone who doesn’t think like you is “guilty”.

Does it nullify the victims, the ruins, the arson?

Does he justify anyone?

Or have we just become utterly callous?

Nothing and no one gives the right to the west, the east, the first, the second, or the third; to crimes.

Violence is not justified by other violence.

Injustice is not justified by another injustice.

War is not justified by another war.

I’m sick of the psychology of the masses. From a headless herd. From lack of empathy.

I’m sick, most of the fact that nothing is sacred. In which, even the war, became cheap entertainment.

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