The days after Women’s Day

WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, F-book… messages, quotes, photos, stories. Humorous, inspiring, crying, fighting…

A gift. Maybe chocolate or flowers.

We ate chocolates, the flowers dried…

It has changed…

It was just a date!

Are you still being asked at a job interview if you are married? Do you have children? If not, are you planning?

Are you wondering if you didn’t get married by twenty-five?

Cross, if you didn’t give birth to “all the children” by the age of 30?

Do they look at you sympathetically in the stomach and shrug when you say “She’s a girl!”?

Did you become “technology redundant” after you gave birth?

Do they say that you are a dragon because your husband was “seen” taking his clothes off the dryer?

Do they say “something is wrong with you” if you decide to stay alone?

Am I whispering that you’re a whore if you have red lipstick, nail polish, or wear a skirt shorter than your knee on a Tuesday afternoon?

Do they turn their heads if you’re divorced?

Do they think that you are a bad “housewife” / mother because you dress up, do your hair, put on make-up, put on high heels, go to the cinema, to dinner?

Did they “give up” you because you are a female child and you did not “give up” the inheritance?

Do they comment, if you succeeded, that you came to success over the bed?

Do you get hit in the head because you’re “Where have you been?” she asked? Are they dissuading you from divorce after that?

Is the village talking because you went out with friends (without a husband)?

The world goes on, the problems remain the same

And now, look who are you who whisper, speak loudly, stone and crucify?

How many women are among them?

Those who posted gift photos, inspirational quotes, and instructive stories yesterday? Who so passionately defended women’s rights?

08.03. we received a gift. Chocolate, flowers, a message. They remembered those who enabled us to go to school, work, vote, divorce, progress. Gifted those brave, vulnerable, sensitive, rebellious, caring, fearless, creative, fun, independent among us, who have inspired and inspired us.

09.03. we, those same women, will hire men, because HE won’t be on maternity leave?

We will comment on her; her look, her clothes, her makeup? Everything that is on it and “in” it, is different from us, and “should not be”.

Are we going to make fun of her slipper husband?

Hate because she’s more successful, more attractive, more likable?

Being more chauvinistic than men?

We, the same women, who every March 8, ardently defend the equality of women, are often worse than women, than the most stubborn man.

And what do we do now?

Because March 9th, we’re not okay.

We really are not okay!

5 thoughts on “The days after Women’s Day”

  1. Thanks for sharing this!

    So true! My experience feels exactly like this now. I’m looking for a job & being asked similar questions about being part time, after a full time role and also whether the roles are beneath me.

    Looking after a child and working full time literally caused a mental breakdown. I didn’t have great experiences with my previous employer when it came to maternity matters or flexibility and they definitely didn’t really care about mental health. Despite saying they did!


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