Victory comes from the greatest pain

Can something come out of despair? From severed emotions, shattered dreams, broken hearts?

Is there anything left but hopelessness and loss of will to exist? We are aware that someone will recommend us a psychologist, but they will not solve our problems, countless defeats.

What if you fall, then you get up again, but some evil pulls you into the quicksand again? And you are suffocating in that trouble, your throat is bleeding, you are fighting for air. The situation is confusing, hopeless, problem after problem. Bankruptcy, disease, death, threats at the same time.

Who to ask for help?

If you know that some people would wipe you off the face of the earth and if you know they will be glad you fall apart. Maybe they will be the ones to help you throw yourself into the abyss. And then you say to yourself, better not, I’d rather wriggle myself, so where did it go?

You know about a psychologist and a psychiatrist, but can he or she bring the dead back from the grave, can they make your child get out of a sickbed and play with others. can you prevent your ex, who is a bully, from persecuting you anymore?

Can she repay the loans, can she find you a job without mobbing, can she make you pregnant after the twenty-fifth attempt, can she stop your husband from cheating on you, and can he make you feel whole after all?

Can a spiritualist or a person with the gift of healing work miracles and why does everyone talk about the miracles of positive vibration at once? Can anyone say how to find the strength for positive thinking, for normal reasoning while everything is falling apart, while everything is burning?

Own apocalypse

It doesn’t take a flood, a fire, an earthquake to experience a collapse if it’s in your own home if you’re tortured and abused if you’re wasting on chemotherapy. If you are carrying a fetus and you have no money for an abortion if you are out of work if you eat every third day if you have to ask others and pray for food. The end of the world is in your house and just waiting to swallow you.

Sometimes they accuse you that if you talk about it, you want to be the center of attention, sometimes they want to extract details from your misfortune. They have no understanding for all this you are going through, they blame you. In the end, you are the cause, the culprit, the consequence. You are on the verge of suicide.

Why do I suffer?

There is a consolation because the weakest and most affected have risen from the ashes, they got sick, they healed their wounds and you constantly hear such stories, people pat you on the shoulder and tell you that your trouble is not the greatest, that there is always worse.

On the other hand, you see how the bad and the good pass easily, how they get through and present their mistakes as victories. Based on their greed and arrogance, they get everything. You go home and ask God the universe, the deceased why I have to suffer so much, why everything fell on my back, and is there a way out?


The solution exists and there are two ways either you will let this trouble destroy you or you will wage war with it, justly and with dignity like a true Amazon, a true warrior, Without a fight there is nothing, so fight to the last drop of blood. If you die, at least you’ll have a reason why you gave the last atom of strength.

No matter how hard it is, you must not give up. Face your trouble, look her straight in the eye, don’t run away from her, and avoid that problem. You can do it, warrior. And for this fight, there is no one else who will win in such a magnificent way as you.

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