Tip: How to mentally strengthen?

When the stress and everyday problems we face begin to take their toll, there are little things we can do that allow us to take a break and improve our overall well-being.

The following practices support scientific research and can help you feel better very quickly.

Express gratitude

Research shows that expressing gratitude for what you have or to someone who has done something for you has a very positive impact on your mental well-being.

Gratitude will not only make you feel better and more optimistic but will also increase your sense of empathy, and if it is expressed to a friend or family member, it will make them feel better too.


It is commonly said that laughter is a medicine that can help you feel better right now. Laughter can increase energy levels and you will hardly feel stress while laughing.

Even a smile can have an effect.

Take a break

Taking a break from everyday worries (exercising, reading a book, listening to music, going shopping, going on an extended weekend, etc.) can help you eliminate stress.

The key element is to really “take a break,” not to sit and think about the things you need to do and the ways you need to do them.

Visit someone who needs you

Being supportive of friends and, in general, people you care about when they are not feeling well (illness, personal problems, etc.) will not only help them but will also improve your well-being, both through socializing and learning that you are with someone who is going through a difficult period.

Spend quality time with those who matter most to you

Nothing is as useful as spending quality time with someone you love.

Whether it’s a romantic dinner with a partner, going for a walk with the kids, reminiscing about happy moments with family, or hanging out with a friend, these intense, focused interactions lead to the creation of positive memories that will help you get through difficult moments in the future.

Volunteer or help someone

A large number of people are involved in volunteer work simply because they feel good when they know they are helping someone.

So, look for organizations that accept volunteers today and get involved. You will feel better, 100%.

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