Lost ease of living and connection to one’s own soul

That old ease of living. That relaxation, connection with everything, with oneself. Carefreeness and cheerfulness, omnipresent joy. I miss those days when people were kind, considerate, empathetic, open, ready to socialize, ready to help, prone to initiate meetings, prone to surprise you positively.

I miss old phones, when I could talk for hours and naughtily twist the wire around my finger, enjoying the moment of talking to a certain person. It was something special, it mattered. Gone are the days when you didn’t know who was calling you and why, where you didn’t even expect anything too much. He would be equally happy to call the postman and the first neighbor, friends, sympathizers.

I miss it, the simplicity of life

I miss that unencumbered, the irrelevance of who said what, who showed whom to whom, who has how much. I miss the anticipation of the rainbow after the rain when as kids we went out into the puddles barefoot to look at this colorful wonder.

I miss walking barefoot on the dusty old roads, meeting dear people on the street, arranging to meet, and really showing up at the agreed time. No complications, no applications, no unnecessary things.

I miss warm hearts, sincere hugs and smiles that bring light even in the greatest darkness. Those bells, which echo days later in the head and cause tingling.

I just miss the ease of living

I miss that ease of living, where people still valued others, valued time and life. Where quality was more important than quantity. Where conversations were feasted on, where communication was not reduced to emoticons and seen.

Those simpler, better times are missing. I wonder, how much alienation still awaits us to return to factory settings, and can we? Can we love with the same zeal, be so simple, be happy without creating happiness, just because we are alive and above all grateful… Can we, or have we lost that gift?

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