Moments are what make life great

What a happy child I am!


Because I have a wonderful life.

… And he left me so speechless. And it’s kind of hard to leave me speechless. I am more, as they say, a lid for every pot.

Just like that, two completely spontaneous and incidental sentences were thrown out of my shoes in an instant and fired high into orbit. Among the stars and constellations. High, much more than a month. It’s silly and quite cliché to say that I’m the happiest person in the world, even though I think I am, but at the time it was really hard to overcome that feeling.

And that’s it. Battery top charged per second. Smile at the strongest. And the heart is like a house. Bigger than her.

There are those days when we need that child.

Spontaneous. Honest.

To take our eyes off other people’s weddings and divorces. Other people’s guests at weddings. To tell us not to deal with others. Irrelevant.

Take us back to now and there. To their own.

To deal with our smiles. To our joys.

Because of the model around his neck and winning third place in tournaments.

Spiderman and Uncharted in theaters.

Sushi for dinner.

Playing cards with Dad.

Because of the five.

Hanging out with friends.

Didi’s sweet and sour gummy candies.

Saturday games.

Mom’s cakes.

Popcorn and movie nights.


Because of the gift for mom.

New hairstyles.


And thousands of other “I can’t wait” moments.

Little things. And great things.

Because in the end, we don’t remember the day. We remember the moments!

And hand on heart, little things and moments are what make life great.


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