Female empathy and the reasons why most men can’t deal with them

When you are a female empath, it can be very difficult for you to find love. Maybe your heart will break again and again as you try to find someone who can support you.

It is true that there are not many people who are ready for your increased sensitivity or your natural connection with others.

Empat wants to love with all she has and be loved in return. It requires strong relationships and connections, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Sometimes they give everything they have and receive no gratitude, no respect, and no positive connection. That’s what makes their relationships so difficult.

Here are 9 perfect examples of why most men can’t deal with empathetic women:

They are incredibly intense

Because they feel everything so intense, it makes sense for female empaths to behave the same way. For some, it is too much.

And if they are incredibly in tune with their own being, it’s hard to rule out intensity.

Everyone comes to them with their problems

Empaths are people that others often turn to when they need to get rid of their burdens, and for that, empaths are seen as reliable characters.

Yes, they are sensitive, but they seem to cope so well with the emotional turmoil that is imposed on them. However, being in a relationship with them may mean that you will have to share that burden as well.

They find it hard to relax

It is common for an empathic woman to have experienced a multitude of difficult relationships. She may be very cautious when it comes to physical and emotional intimacy.

You need to show her that you are worthy of her trust. Don’t make her do something she doesn’t want to do. You love her as she is.

They can see everything you try to hide

Many think they are smart when trying to hide something from a female empath, but the truth is they already know what you intend. If in search of a partner, a man decides to present himself as a person with certain qualities, hiding his true self in favor of an image he believes will be more desirable, a female empath will quickly reject him!

These women can see the deception and see the true selves they are trying to hide.

They are very independent

Many men want to take care of their partner and provide her with security. The problem is that an empath woman is incredibly independent, and ultimately, they don’t feel like they need someone in life.

While they enjoy the idea of ​​sharing this life with a partner with whom they will share their journey, they refuse to give up control in their world.

They ask a lot of questions and have a curious mind

To the average empathetic woman, everything in her life has hidden meanings. He will examine everything around him. Some people find that questioning simply too much to bear.

If you never question the path you are exposed to, there will be relationship problems.

They know what they want

An empath woman does not intend to “test the water”, to experiment to see if they are interested in a relationship, a certain commitment or not. When they take a step to be with someone, they immediately give it their all.

An empath woman does not necessarily require more effort than another woman, but she will not suffer from his lack. You have to give your whole self in a relationship.

They are honest, to the point that many cannot stand

If you can’t stand the truth and nothing but the truth, don’t talk to the empath. It’s never easy to hear things you don’t even know about yourself. But in the long run, listening to the truth will help you grow as an individual.

And that’s what you’ll get when you spend time with empaths – even if it costs them friendships or relationships.

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