Awakening of female energy

Roughness, stressful everyday life, worries and nervousness affect the state of mind. Let us forget the essence of our existence and forget our power to create our own happiness.

Let’s forget how to play, rejoice and enjoy every moment. We, women, have the gift of creation, fertility, femininity, entrepreneurship, creativity given by nature. There is nothing that women cannot do, it is just important that they are aware of all their potential and that at the end of the story, they know and are able to take credit for their achievements.

A process, not a rush

Energy flows, overflowing from one stage to another. Therefore, it is important that you do not rush, but that you enjoy the process to the fullest. This can be explained in the very process of shopping, our women’s favorite habits.

It is not the essence of the purchase, it is important to try on clothes, the courage to try something new and adapt it to your style, to bring freshness to some new details, and not to end the purchase but to combine new clothes with old ones. To play, have fun, and laugh, even if you make a fashion gaffe.

So it is with the facial care process. skin cleansing, it is a process. and most important is that inner sense of relaxation that you have done something for yourself, that you have honored and enjoyed yourself. That you read a book and traveled for an hour to some new realms, that you fantasized and fantasized. Everything is allowed if it contributes to the awakening of your energy and your will to live.

There are too many bitter days when every day as a lioness you face all the problems, ups and downs, defeats, and victories. Don’t forget, if you think no one appreciates your effort, don’t let yourself be the one to belittle yourself. Appreciate yourself and what you have done because every step is important.

Relationships and friendships

You often spend wasted time playing other people’s roles, trying to please everyone, sacrificing yourself for other people’s good and so unconsciously let others trample you. Respect yourself first. Enjoy meeting other people. give people a chance and test them on how much they are willing to put up with you.

Are they hurt by your success, your energy, your brilliance? In female friendship, it is ideal when you support each other, when you complement each other and when you give each other the wind in your back. To be your support. Everything that belongs to envy, gossip, gossip is toxic and suffocates your feminine energy and leads to the risk that it evaporates and bitterness and frustration remain in you. You are free. You can choose. This is not a pretentious and arrogant statement, but this is a true fact.

You can and should choose who you spend time with. This is also true for men. You were not created to be his doll that will meet all his needs. You deserve love, loyalty, fidelity, respect, understanding. Everything you can give should be returned to you. Don’t waste precious thoughts on why he doesn’t respond, what he thinks and how he will react. Cross yourself and move on because life is too short to deal with egocentric chauvinists.

Give yourself a chance to meet new men, hang out and have fun. Pay the bills only to yourself. Because you are the one who finances yourself, who builds your world, and who fights. You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone. Ignore those who do not know how to rejoice in your happiness and who shed jealous energy.

Don’t let the complexes win

Each of us has something we are not happy with and something we want to change about ourselves and that is quite normal. It is important to remember two things, everything can be fixed, upgraded, namely, if you have one complex, it does not mean that it can not disappear, you can go to the gym, you can go to treatments, courses, you can work on yourself to beat that complex.

And secondly, the complex does not define you, it is only a part, and you must not allow that complex to overcome your other qualities. Do not censor yourself, restrain yourself, act freely and give yourself time and space. To become the best version of yourself.

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