Do you hear your inner voice? He tells you he sees you’re not happy

Hey, wake up, I’m here. I’ve been calling you for so long. I whispered first, then got a little louder, until finally I didn’t have to start screaming to hear me.

You live too long in a mold that is not for you. It just isn’t. It may be good for others, but it’s not for you. I look at you every day and see that you are not happy. What you dream about, what you strive for, you have pushed deep inside yourself.

You are afraid to even think that all this could happen. You don’t even want to imagine what life would be like then. And trust me, it’s possible. Anything is possible if you allow yourself to. I know you are afraid to let go of your old beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and habits.

It’s okay to be scared

As you follow your dreams, you may have to let go of some people who have been in your life so far.

Fear is part of the change and it is normal that it will appear when you step into the unknown. But false security weighs more than fear. Living in something that is not for you is worse than life imprisonment.

This is just your life, the only one. There will be no other. Who cares what others say, they say this and that. It’s not up to you, it’s up to them.

Don’t hold back your dreams because others won’t understand. No one else even needs to understand if you feel this is your right path.

The inner voice is the guide

Let me help you guide you on your path as you seek your purpose and happiness.
Let me lead you to the realization of your dreams.

You blocked me in every possible way believing that you would be happier if you stayed safe.

But security cannot give you what your dream can do. You linger in something just out of habit hoping that one will come, one day when you will finally start living your life.

You live today, no procrastination

That day is today, right now. Tomorrow has not yet come, yesterday it no longer exists. All you have is now.

You are actually restraining and suffocating yourself. No one can tell you how to live except yourself. Let go of all the beliefs that no longer bring you good and create your own new ones that will lead you more easily to your dreams.

He lives life to the fullest, ignoring other people’s comments and opinions. Even if no one believes what you want, you believe. Indulge and trust me. Together we will get to what you want.

Just don’t give up on yourself.

With love, your inner voice

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